City of Kingston hiring over 200 summer students

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If you are a full-time student and returning to school in the fall, the City of Kingston may have a summer employment opportunity that’s right for you.

The City announced this week it is looking to hire more than 200 students to fill a number of different positions this summer. From clerical work in a variety of sectors, to hands-on work in local parks or public facilities, there are positions available to suit a wide range of interests and areas of expertise, the City explained.

“Whether you’re interested in working with financial services or spending time outdoors as a member of Public Works or the Recreation team, the City has so many exciting work opportunities,” said Kara Dawson, acting recruitment and selection supervisor for the City of Kingston.

Dawson also pointed to the competitive pay and resume experience as positives for working with the City.

“A job with the City is valuable stepping stone and a great way for students to make an impact within their community,” she said.

In order to be eligible for a summer student position, students must be full-time secondary or post-secondary students who are returning to full-time studies in September 2020. To apply, students must first create their own online profile at, attaching their resume and any supporting details and/or documents. Once a profile is created, students can apply to any of the listed positions with the City online. All submitted information will be kept confidential.

The student positions will be posted shortly, and are expected to continue to be posted, Dawson explained.

“Check often, and apply early,” she said. “While the majority of student positions will be posted on Feb. 3, there may be postings that continue to trickle in.”

Find out more at the City of Kingston website here.

3 thoughts on “City of Kingston hiring over 200 summer students

  • Why just students?

    Student geared housing…student geared jobs.
    When is the city going to help the homeless/low income housing/jobs?

  • I agree my son has been applying for a job for the last two years in this city for any type of job and they can help students and people that are from other countries but not the people who have struggled to get a job and lived in the city for years. I’m 37 and had to go back to school myself to get a decent amount to live from. This world is unbelievable anymore

  • Why just students you ask, well perhaps because students just need seasonal work. That will not help homelessness or low income. I hate when people say they cant find a job. There are tons out there, you just have to apply if you are qualified. I find too many people are way too picky. If you dont have a job, dont be picky, get a job and THEN be picky while continuing to apply for a job you really want. In the meantime you make income and get experience that will help with the next job. I’ve needed a second job to make ends meet for years and have changes that job many times. Sometimes to change things up, sometimes because I didnt like it. The point is, it starts with one step, maybe not one you like but keep stepping and it will get you where you want. Good luck

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