City of Kingston continues enforcement of Winter Parking Bylaw

Photo by Cris Vilela.

Dozens of residents in Kingston were surprised to find that their vehicles had been towed away overnight on Thursday, February 13, as a result of the City’s enforcement of its Winter Overnight Parking Bylaw.

In particular, the enforcement action took residents of the Queen’s University District especially off-guard, as they took to social media to alert each other. Some residents of the area seemed to be confused about the overnight parking enforcement. “Isn’t that overnight bylaw just for cars near KGH?” asked one bewildered resident of the area in a social media post.

Despite the uproar, the City Of Kingston says that the night’s enforcement level was not particularly note-worthy. “On February 13, 32 vehicles that were in violation of the Winter Parking Bylaw were towed to ensure effective snow removal from city streets. This is consistent with our daily operations and enforcement,” said the City in a written statement.

In that statement, the City reminds residents that the Winter Parking Bylaw is in effect until March 31, and that the bylaw prohibits parking on all City streets from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m., as well as from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. on the streets that surround Kingston General Hospital.

“The City continues to actively enforce the Winter Parking Bylaw to ensure that snowplows can effectively respond to winter weather events,” said Brad Frink, Supervisor, Parking Enforcement in the statement. “If you suspect your vehicle has been towed in violation of the Winter Parking Bylaw, please contact Ward’s Towing Service at 613-546-0272.”

Violators of the bylaw face a City of Kingston fine of $25-$30, as well as a charge totalling $180.80, including taxes, to retrieve their vehicle from the tow company.

Residents can review common parking violations, as well as additional information about the Winter Parking Bylaw, on the City’s parking violations and fines page.

2 thoughts on “City of Kingston continues enforcement of Winter Parking Bylaw

  • Kingston is the only winter city in North America with a complete winter parking ban. Every other city (like Winnipeg with 10 times the snow) uses calendar parking to allow snow clearing. You park on the odd side of the street on odd calendar days, even side on even days. Duh. Allows both parking AND street clearing. Too complicated?

  • That’s obviously not true, I’ve lived in other cities that ban all overnight street parking. Why dont you go read the bylaws for every city in North America since you’re so smart?

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