City of Kingston announces plans for parking changes at City Park

The proposed parking changes in and around City Park. Map via City of Kingston.

The City of Kingston is planning changes to parking around City Park, some of which the public is being asked to provide feedback on.

The City announced an end to parking on the ring road within City Park in November of 2019, and also explained that municipal staff would be looking to find additional parking on both Bagot and Court Streets, as well as new accessible parking spaces. On Monday, Mar. 9, 2020, the City announced the plans for the two latter parking matters. The proposed changes, which will be presented City Council on Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2020, will address the need for more short-term parking around City Park, and include the addition of two new accessible parking spaces.

“We’re pleased to offer additional parking options to those who wish to visit and enjoy City Park,” Greg McLean, Policy and Program Coordinator of Transportation Services for the City of Kingston said in a statment. “The proposed changes address the need for more short-term parking around City Park, improving the overall experience for park visitors.”

According to the City, the proposed parking changes include:

  • Adding metered parking along Court Street
  • Adding metered parking spaces on Bagot Street, including two accessible parking spaces
  • Converting time-restricted parking on King Street East between Barrie and Maitland Streets to metered parking

In total, 55 metered parking spaces are being proposed, including 2 accessible spaces. Of the 55 metered parking spaces, 23 spaces are not currently available during weekdays, and eight are currently not available at all. The remaining 24 spaces are being converted from time restricted to metered.

As part of the planning efforts, the City invites residents to review and comment on the proposed locations of the accessible parking spaces on Bagot Street on the City website here before 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Mar. 25, 2020.

3 thoughts on “City of Kingston announces plans for parking changes at City Park

  • Why do you gouge the people of Kingston wanting to enjoy the park with their family? I believe that the hospital and Queens will take over the parking down at the park like they have always done!

    • Kingston only cares about Queens and the hospitals..Good luck with this one..
      Biggest city in Canada for gouging the public

  • How is this going to help? There are no additional spaces – Cars have been parking on both sides of all roads in City Park–and mainly by people working at Queens or KGH. Just another money grab by the city. Queens needs to Build some parking structures for their employees and students!! As a taxpayer and as a citizen of the city I am tired of subsidizing Queens.

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