City looks at renaming, redesigning Highway 15

Image from the final draft of the proposed visual design guidelines for Highway 15 showing proposed roundabout at Highways 15 and 2.

As part of a larger project to redesign and redevelop Highway 15, the City of Kingston has some interesting proposals on the table, and are looking for public input.

For a little bit of background, the City began looking into possible roadway improvements for Highway 15 in the fall of 2015, citing growth as the reason for a redesign. In municipal jargon terms, what took place following that was a ‘Municipal Class Environmental Assessment,’ which is “an evaluation of the possible impacts, both positive or negative, that a proposed project may have on the environment as a whole,” according to the City. The City refers to the overall study as the ‘Highway 15 Class EA.’

Two of the more intriguing aspects of the Highway 15 Class EA encourage public input: The final draft of the proposed visual design guidelines for Highway 15 (the complete document is available here); and the renaming of the city-owned portion of Highway 15 (which you can read about here, and you can vote on if you are registered with Get Involved Kingston).

The proposed design

In a city where people who weren’t even born when a traffic circle existed (where Bath Road, Princess Street, and Concession Street converge) still refer to the area as ‘the old traffic circle,’ it looks as though Kingston may, in fact, have a new traffic circle – or roundabout – in the future. The proposed visual design guidelines show the above image, and table the concept of a roundabout at the intersection of Highway 15 and Highway 2.

“Roundabouts have certain advantages over signalized intersections in specific conditions. Roundabouts can efficiently manage vehicle movements in some types of junctions, reduce collisions, and calm traffic,” the full report on the proposed design reads, also noting that roundabouts can also serve as focal points, providing space for planting, signs and/or public art installations.

“A roundabout is being considered for the intersection of Highway 15 and Highway 2. In this setting, the roundabout can serve as a gateway to Highway 15 corridor, Downtown Kingston, and CFB Kingston. Any roundabout design shall thoughtfully consider how to safely and conveniently accommodate pedestrian and cyclist movements”

So, what do you think, Kingston? Is the Limestone City ready for a modern take on ‘the old traffic circle?’ Do you think a roundabout at Highways 15 and 2 is a good idea or a bad idea? Have you say in the poll, and feel free to provide more detail in the comments.

And if you feel strongly enough about the concept, comments on the proposed visual design guidelines can be submitted to Chris Wicke, senior planner for the City of Kingston at [email protected] until the end of this month (Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019).

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The renaming of Highway 15

Kingston City Council directed City Staff to conduct a public consultation and review associated costs regarding the renaming of the city-owned portion of Highway 15 – that is, the section of Highway 15 between Highway 2 and Highway 401. The City has proposed three names for the section of road, all of which are pre-approved by Kingston Fire and Rescue and comply with the City’s road naming provisions (outlined in the City’s Civic Addressing and Road Naming Bylaw).

The City will hold an open house seeking public input on the renaming on Monday, Feb. 4 at the Fire Hall located at 211 Gore Rd., beginning at 6 p.m. Members of the public can also vote for their preferred name, or suggest their own idea (which must be in compliance with the above road naming conventions) via the aforementioned Get Involved Kingston online public feedback module.

“Highway 15 is a major artery in the east end of the city – an area that has changed a great deal over the past decade. We hope east-enders and other interested residents will come out to offer feedback on the proposed road renaming,” said Paige Agnew, director of planning, building and licensing for the City of Kingston.

The City has proposed the following three names, one of which has a historic link to the area surrounding Highway 15:

  • Furnace Falls Road
  • Emerson Road
  • Kingston Road 15

According to the City, ‘Furnace Falls Road’ has been proposed due to its historical significance.

“With regard to Furnace Falls Road, the earliest reference to a name of the road north of Barriefield is contained in the 1807 survey diary of Reuben Sherwood,” said Mark Nardi, a communications officer for the City of Kingston..

The other two options were selected from the City’s Road Name Reserve List, which is maintained by the City.

“While this list may contain names that have some historical or cultural significance, it also contains names that have been submitted by the public and selected by the City for a wide range of reasons. These names have been pre-approved by local emergency service providers for use in the naming of new streets or the renaming of existing streets,” Nardi explained.

Which name do you prefer, Kingston? Do you have a better idea for a name? Or do you think the City should even rename the stretch of Highway 15? Have your say in the poll, and, while trying not to venture down the ‘Roady McRoadface’ route, let us know your ideas for a name in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “City looks at renaming, redesigning Highway 15

  • There’s too much traffic at that intersection for a roundabout to work efficiently. Many people are still clueless as to how to navigate them. Lastly, if you foolishly decide to go ahead with a roundabout, I would hope it wouldn’t happen until the 3rd crossing is completed.

  • Why waste our tax money on this our property tax money iI have never seen a mayor or so many around the horseshoe waste so much of our tax money since I was born here in Kingston $90,000.00 tuesday now this. QUIT WASTING OUR MONEY, on stupid things and fix the roads with our money we pay every year for property taxes,

  • I think “Valour Road” would be great. It would recognize the long and rich military history of Kingston: a garrison town since 1673! The motto of Royal Military College is Truth Duty Valour.

  • Rather than a roundabout at Highway 15 and Highway 2, would propose no right turns on the red light coming off of Highway 15 going on to 2. This would allow smoother transition of highway 2 traffic instead of the constant merging with drivers from 15.

  • Rather see the roads fixed and to see new winter tires on buses etc the public transportation and mainly our damn roads that u guys neglect to fix an make better

  • As a non-native I won’t try to use an online dictionary and paste in the results, but why not try a word from an indigenous language that means travel, road, or somethings similar for the name?

  • I have recently suggested other names but am also very satidfied with leaving Hy 15 named as it is.

  • First of all, who is actually complaining about this enough to warrant the City to explore changing things? Most days it’s 15 minutes tops to get from my house on Fieldstone to across the bridge – this is at 8:10 in the morning – when it snows, it’s a bit longer, yes, but still, this isn’t Toronto traffic we’re dealing with here. When the 401 has issues, well that’s another story (should be using the EDR!). Monday morning this week the lights were operating as a 3 way stop (flashing reds). It took double the amount of time it usually takes. Traffic circle will behave the exact same way in my opinion. Is that two lanes now going down the hill as well? Unless they are going to make the Causeway two lanes (lol) then all your doing is creating another bottleneck when those lanes merge….wherever that would be (RMC?). I agree with earlier comment, wait until the 3rd crossing is completed, it should relieve some of the traffic woes.

  • I must agree with the previous comments what a waste of time and energy, why did they change the old circle (Bath and Princess) into the configuration it is today, If it didn’t work then as a circle who in their right mind would think it would work today. How many times are you going to change that intersection. Who wants these changes anyway, why not throw a few traffic calming bumps into while your at it, Just repair the dame road and you will have enough to do. And as for changing the name if 15, its been 15 for who knows number of years, lets upset the lives of all those who live on it causing them to change all of their paperwork, If anyone would want a change or not it should be the residents, Frankly I be a little upset if I had to notify everyone I knew that they where changing my street name to a different one because it was confusing someone whether it was Highway 15, County road 15, or just 15. For goodness sake we all know what they are talking about when you say 15. But lets spend some more money needlessly, There are streets all over the city where that money could be spent better.

  • Maybe everyone is too young to remember, but the reason the traffic circle at Bath & Princess became traffic lights was due to the high number of accidents and traffic congestion. Taking one of the most heavily used intersections and turning it into a traffic circle is only going to make our insurance rates go up because accident rates will go up. Traffic circles have their place in lower traffic areas to help the flow of traffic but once you have high volume people are either too aggressive or too timid. This is one of the worse ideas I have seen in a long time. I agree with others, lets fix the potholes and crappy roads first.

  • In recognition off the large military population in the ease as well as the location of the base, Zi would suggest the name of “Soilder Road”

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