City installing public charging stations for electric vehicles

The City of Kingston is currently installing charging stations for electric vehicles in an attempt to make it easier to be an electric vehicle owner in the city.

The City began installing the charging stations on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, and will install a whopping 48 charging stations at 21 locations across the city this summer, according to a press release from the City of Kingston. The charging stations will be located in parking spaces in selected municipal parking lots, and will be clearly marked with signage and green paint. The spaces are only to be used by electric vehicles.

“As part of the City’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we hope that providing the infrastructure to support electric vehicles will encourage more residents to adopt this environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cars,” said Paul MacLatchy, environment director for the City of Kingston.

The City is installing two types of electric vehicle charging stations: Level 2 and Level 3 stations.  Level 2 stations will be free for public use (with the payment of normal parking fees), and can fully charge an electric vehicle in four to six hours. The Level 3 stations will require payment to use, but can fully charge an electric vehicle in less than an hour, according to the City.

Charging stations in the City’s public network are owned by the City and will be operated by FLO, Canada’s largest electric vehicle charging network.

For a list of charging station locations, or to find out more, go to

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