City declares significant weather event

City of Kingston snowplow. Photo by Logan Cadue.

The City of Kingston has declared a significant weather event following a weather alert issued by Environment Canada. During a significant weather event, residents are advised to use extra caution and are reminded that winter maintenance service levels for roads and sidewalks may not be met.

What makes a weather event significant?

A significant weather event is defined as an approaching or occurring weather hazard with the potential to pose a significant danger to the users of highways (streets) within a municipality. When hazardous weather is expected, Environment Canada will issue an alert under its Public Weather Alerting Program. Provincial legislation was updated in 2018 to allow municipalities to declare a significant weather event.

Be safe around snowplows

Drivers: Stay three car-lengths behind a snowplow to allow for a safe stopping distance. NEVER cut off a snowplow.

Pedestrians and caregivers:

  • Assume the snowplow driver has NOT seen you.
  • If you see a snowplow, move off the sidewalk and into a yard where you can be seen.
  • Do NOT play on or make forts or tunnels in roadside snowbanks.
  • NEVER approach a snowplow, even when it has stopped.

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