City Celebrates Opening Of First Single-Lane Roundabout

The recently-completed extension of Centennial Drive joins the popular thoroughfare with the newly constructed Venture Drive with the City’s first single-lane roundabout. It is a feature of the 1.5km roadway construction project to service 75 acres of large, prime industrial lots for an expansion to the City’s Business Park.

More than half of the funding for this road-extension project – 57 per cent or $2.4 million of the total of just over $4 million cost – came from the Government of Canada’s Community Adjustment Fund. The remaining $1.8 million was funded through municipal development charges and the industrial reserve fund.

Roundabouts promote safe and efficient traffic flow and cut-down on greenhouse gas emissions associated with idling. Drivers can find out more about how to approach roundabouts and their benefits on the city’s website.

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One thought on “City Celebrates Opening Of First Single-Lane Roundabout

  • EITP councillors' attempts to create mini-roundabouts as intelligent replacements to four-way stops often appear to be stymied by stiff requirements for resident surveys of traffic calming measures. Younger residents tend to approve; older residents dislike change. The survey rules require a 51% response from the local community with a minimum 60% approval. While that may appear reasonable, in fact it's a difficult hurdle to surmount. By way of comparison, just consider electoral turnout in recent years. And that a subsequent survey will be delayed by 5 years. Now ask yourself why, despite the best intentions and efforts of councillors and staff, some changes take forever in Kingston.

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