City adjusts traffic signals around Waaban crossing to help alleviate traffic congestion

Traffic on the Waaban Crossing in the early afternoon of Tuesday, Apr. 2, 2024. Photo by Aerosnapper Kingston.

The City of Kingston has shared details of changes to the traffic signals surrounding the Waaban Crossing to help alleviate traffic congestion.

Earlier this month, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) confirmed the federally owned LaSalle Causeway is fully closed to all forms of traffic until further notice. As a key transportation link between downtown and east Kingston, this creates significant disruption for all causeway users, residents, and businesses, according to a media release from the City.

The City expressed that it is “empathetic to the travel delays this creates” and reportedly continues to meet with representatives from PSPC to impress upon the agency the importance of reopening the causeway to pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and commercial and recreational marine traffic.

In the release, the City said that in response to “persistent traffic congestion issues” from the loss of the causeway as a transportation route, it has significantly changed the timing of traffic signals to help alleviate some of the traffic delays in the following areas: 

John Counter Boulevard and Montreal Street intersection

During morning peak hours, the City said it has adopted a balanced approach to minimize negative impacts on traffic flow. This includes an increase in green time for westbound left turns, extending cycle lengths and reallocating green time from eastbound through movements in the afternoon. 

Highway 15 and Gore Road intersection

To alleviate congestion during peak periods, additional green light time was reportedly created for northbound left turns. The City said that this adjustment, implemented through redistribution of green time from other movements and extending the overall traffic signal cycle length, aims to enhance traffic flow efficiency.

Off-peak and overnight changes

During off-peak hours including midday, evenings, and weekends, more time has been added to westbound left turns at Montreal Street and John Counter Boulevard, and northbound left turns at Highway 15 and Gore Road. Additionally, from midnight to 6 a.m. daily, traffic signal time is shorter, which aims to enhance efficiency for both main and side streets, according to the release. 

Transit detours 

The closure of the LaSalle Causeway has required Kingston Transit to adjust and reroute two of its transit routes. The City provided the following details in the release:

Express 601/602 now travels via Montreal Street and the Waaban Crossing between the Downtown Transfer Point and Highway 15/Gore Road. Regular routing continues from Highway 15/Gore Road to the Innovation Drive Park & Ride.

Route 12A links CFB Kingston to the Bus Terminal Transfer Point (John Counter Boulevard/Leroy Grant Drive) every 30 minutes. During weekday peak periods (start of service to 8:40 a.m. and 1:55 p.m. to 6:05 p.m.) service is extended further into CFB Kingston. 

For complete information, please visit or use a mobile trip planner such as Transit App, the City suggested.

“We also acknowledge the temporary loss of the LaSalle Causeway as a transportation corridor presents a challenge that cannot be fully resolved with traffic signal timing changes alone,” the City stated.

In the release, the City thanks everyone who has already adjusted their travel times or have adopted transit, carpooling and active transportation, which reduces the total amount of traffic and creates a better experience for all road users.

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  • Is there any indication about when the causeway will be reopened?

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