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LaSalle Causeway closure, third crossing, Kingston, OntarioThe commonly asked question for many Kingstonians this past week has been “how are you getting across the causeway on Tuesday and Wednesday?” Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well you’re just in time to find out that the LaSalle Causeway will be closed tomorrow and Wednesday (August 25th and 26th 2015) for structural repairs.

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has worked with the City of Kingston to find a time that is the least disruptive to commuters, and the middle of the week in the summer seems to be the best option. Getting this very important work done before school begins was a crucial part of the decision to close the bridge this week. Although the city will not yet be flooded with Queen’s and St. Lawrence students and RMC cadets, the middle of the week is still a busy time for Kingstonian commuters. Kingston Transit will continue to offer its fifteen minute express service to the east end via route 601-602.  Visit their website for detailed schedule information. PWGSC will also be providing taxi shuttles on either side of the bridge, however pedestrians will have to make their way to the bridge on foot to make use of them. Motorists will have to travel via 401 to highway 15 to get to the east side of the bridge. I personally, plan to take Kingston Mills Road to 15, as it’s a much nicer drive and the 401 is down to one lane in some areas.

We have certainly spent our fair share of time debating the need for a third crossing in Kingston. While this week’s repairs present a unique situation, it does give us a sense of how limiting having only one bridge can be. Considering “normal” traffic days and rare occasions like this one, this week’s poll asks:

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We’re curious to know how you use the bridge. Do you commute across everyday for work, or only on rare occasions when heading to Gananoque or Grass Creek Park? Or maybe you go to the KMCSC gym located just beyond the bridge on the east side. Is this closure enough to make you change your plans this week and skip some extra-curriculars or other commitments? Or, will you make it work by taking the highway, Kingston Transit or a the taxi shuttle service?  How much would the construction of a third crossing mean to you?

Thanks to lezumbalaberenjena for today’s photo.

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3 thoughts on “Causeway Closure

  • For what the city will pay for cabs, they could have paid overtime to do this work on the weekend.

    It will be total gridlock…and, if there is an accident, we are all fu€ked.

    • The city isn't paying for cabs or the work. At the $42 hour cab rate I doubt that would be the case anyway

  • 2 missed opportunities:

    1. Set up a system with Ahoy Rentals to borrow a kayak / stand up paddle board to cross the river, then borrow a bike to get to work.

    2. Water Taxi System – 2 Ports on East End (RMC & CFB Kingston), 4 Ports across the river (Inner Harbour, Confed Basin, Portsmouth Harbour, Collins Bay Marina). Plenty of parking at each location. Arrange shuttle or bikes from each location. I'm quite surprised Kingston doesn't already have a water taxi service for tourists… perhaps more feasible once the Kingston Pen becomes open to the public.

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