Canadian Forces Base Kingston sees changes to command team

Presiding Officer Brigadier-General Josh Major, Outgoing Base Commander Lieutenant Colonel Iain Clark and incoming Base Commander Colonel John C. Scott sign the scrolls at the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Kingston Transfer of Command Authority and Change of Appointment ceremony held at the Warrant and Sergeants mess at CFB Kingston on Friday, Jun. 21, 2024. Photo by Kristy Murphy, photographer at CFB Kingston.

On Friday, Jun. 21, 2024, Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Kingston hosted an official Transfer of Command ceremony, and, at the same time, a Change of Appointment ceremony, welcoming in new leadership at the local base.

According to a release from CFB Kingston, Transfers of Command Authority (TOCA) and Change of Appointment (CoA) ceremonies are unique and considered to be very important in the life of a Base and its Command Team members. Military Transfer of Command ceremonies are historically significant and steeped in tradition, the base said.

At the Friday ceremony, command of CFB Kingston was transferred from Lieutenant Colonel Iain Clark, CD, to Base Commander Designate, Colonel John C. Scott, CD. Concurrently, a change of Base Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) appointment between CWO Shaun P. Prendergast, MMM, CD, and Base Chief Warrant Officer Designate, CWO Lori A. Flowers, MMM, CD, occurred.

According to the release, the ceremony was an opportunity to thank Chief Warrant Officer Prendergast for his dedicated service to CFB Kingston over three years, as well as Lieutenant Colonel Clark for having stepped into the Base Commander role with short notice. Clark took on the role in November 2023 when Brigadier-General Hatton was promoted in recognition of his 29 years of service to the Canadian Armed Forces and was posted out-of-sequence to United States Central Command in Tampa, Florida. It was also a chance to welcome Colonel Scott, who brings 30 years of service including several operational tours worth of experience to the position, as well as Chief Warrant Officer Flowers, who also boasts decades of experience across a variety of different areas of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

“Canadian Forces Base Kingston plays an integral role within the City of Kingston and surrounding areas as the second largest employer in the city. Both the Base Commander and Base Chief Warrant Officer are challenging and rewarding positions, as the most prominent representatives for both the base and the military community,” Lieutenant Colonel Clark said in a statement.

“Thank you to Base Chief Warrant Officer Prendergast for his guidance and counsel as my fire team partner during my term as Base Commander. I have enjoyed leading the dedicated soldiers, sailors, and aviators of Canadian Forces Base Kingston and I know that Colonel Scott will embrace this role with enthusiasm and pride.”

Colonel Scott joined the CAF in June 1994 under the Regular Officer Training Program in Winnipeg, Manitoba. During his career as an Army Logistics Officer, he served in a variety of line and staff positions within the Canadian Army Service Battalion construct, according to CFB Kingston.

“The Canadian Armed Forces comprises a wide network of Units, Bases, Brigades, and Wings located from coast to coast across Canada, with Canadian Armed Forces members devoted to serving their communities and Canada. The very success of Canada’s defence depends on our people, and Canadian Forces Base Kingston and the people serving here are extremely lucky to fall under the experienced leadership of Colonel Scott,” stated Brigadier-General Josh Major, Commander 4th Canadian Division.

Mayor Paterson presents the Incoming Base Commander Colonel Scott with a Key to the City at the CFB Kingston Transfer of Command Authority and Change of Appointment ceremony on Friday, Jun. 21, 2024. Photo by Kristy Murphy, photographer at CFB Kingston.

Scott is a graduate of the Canadian Army Command and Staff College and the Canadian Joint Command and Staff Program. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba, a Master of Defence Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada, and a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from National Defence University.

Scott is married to his wife, Allison, and they have two teenage daughters. He is a passionate fan of both the Winnipeg Jets and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Outgoing Base Chief Warrant Officer Prendergast, outgoing Base Commander Lieutenant Colonel Clark and incoming Base Chief Warrant Officer Flowers sign the scrolls at the Canadian Forces Base Kingston Transfer of Command Authority and Change of Appointment ceremony at CFB Kingston on Friday, Jun. 21, 2024. Photo by Kristy Murphy, photographer at CFB Kingston.

“It has been an absolute honour to lead Canadian Forces Base Kingston as the senior enlisted member of the Base, acting as advisor to the Base Commander on issues affecting all ranks, on matters related to dress, discipline, morale and welfare, and quality of life. As I leave this position, I sincerely hope that my work has brought positive changes to the Base and to those who serve here. It has been my privilege to serve you as Base Chief Warrant Officer,” said Chief Warrant Officer Shaun P. Prendergast, outgoing Base Chief Warrant Officer, in a statement.

Chief Warrant Officer Flowers takes over for Prendergast. She joined the CAF in 1989 as an Administration Clerk, and after a posting to Canadian Forces School of Communication and Electronics in Kingston, she released. She later joined the Primary Reserves and spent time with 33 Medical Platoon in Halifax, Nova Scotia, from 1992 to 1996 as the Chief Clerk, according to CFB Kingston.

In 2002, she decided to transfer back into the Regular Force and was posted to 2nd General Service Battalion in Petawawa, Ontario, as a Resource Management Support Clerk. In 2003, she deployed on a six-month tour to the Golan Heights as the support clerk managing the yearlong posted personnel, and in Dec 2003 she was posted to the release section at CFB Petawawa.

Flowers was promoted throughout her service, and became Warrant Officer upon her return from a tour in Afghanistan in July 2013. In 2017, she was promoted to Master Warrant Officer and appointed as 5th Canadian Division Support Base Personnel Support Services Sergeant Major, according to the release. CWO Flowers was then promoted to her current rank and appointed as the Technical Services Branch Sergeant Major in Borden, Ontario, in June 2021.

Flowers has four children, and three grandchildren, as well as two stepchildren, all of which have been very supportive over her military career, CFB Kingston noted. According to the release, she is grateful to be given this current opportunity. When not busy with the kids she enjoys hockey, kayaking, biking, and spending time at their cottage in New Brunswick.

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