Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation donates blankets to those in need

Members of the Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation fill the back of a truck with donations for Kingston’s homeless population on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021, including 100 blankets donated through the organization’s new annual blanket drive. Photo by Dominic Christian Owens.

The current pandemic has highlighted a lot of need within our community, prompting Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation to act.

An organization which aims to encourage and promote the diversity that makes Kingston such a great place to live, Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation (CCKF) has created a new, annual event in response to the needs within Kingston.

The following is an article by Daud Hassan, son of Jimmy Hassan and member of the CCKF about this new initiative.

Ever since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused everyone to suffer a great deal. Aside from the many social and health impacts, some of the most devastating effects of the crisis have been economic.

Restrictions have left a large stain on many Canadian’s financial situations with reduced hours, pay cuts, and a higher unemployment rate than before the pandemic. Worse yet is the number of people experiencing homelessness has increased drastically.

In Ontario, eviction rates have skyrocketed as people have begun to struggle to meet rent payments. Homeless shelters and camps are unable to do much either, because of COVID regulations with gatherings and social distancing, such as in the case of Belle Park’s eviction in September.

This winter has, is, and will be especially difficult for those populations with nowhere to turn, especially with the cold exposing them to more illnesses than COVID-19.

As such, the Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation has started a new yearly initiative, the annual blanket drive!

The initiatives main goal is to buy blankets and help those experiencing homelessness stay warm and protected in the harsh winter climate.

This year the initiative resulted in the purchase of 100 blankets with the help of donations, which have been delivered as of Sunday, January 17, 2021 with the amazing help of the volunteers of the Community Friends in Motion.

A truck full of blankets destined for those in Kingston who are homeless or between housing thanks to the Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation. Photo by Dominic Christian Owens.

Next year, the hope is to get 150 or more blankets, as well as to expand the reach of the project to the surrounding areas in order to help as many people as possible.

Members of the Canadian Colours Kingston Foundation with the 100 blankets they donated to the homeless community with the help of Community Friends in Motion. Photo by Dominic Christian Owens.

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