Bubbles in the Fountain

Springer Market Square Fountain

Coming home from a grueling day of hard work and long hours, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this crazy happening. Millions of bubbles came foaming out of the Market Square Fountain late on Wednesday night. The bubbles were so intense they were dripping over the sides.

The culprits of this prank did not reveal themselves to the crowd, who gathered around curiously to see if it was ice or bubbles. The bubbles were completely dissolved the following day, no harm no foul.

Though I do not endorse vandalism in any way it’s nice to appreciate the sillier things life has to offer from time to time.

Happy Weekend, everyone!!

One thought on “Bubbles in the Fountain

  • I wonder how much money this costs to clean up. Still though, if you look at the fountain in front of City Hall (yukk), dumping some soap in the new one will at least keep it clean.

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