Best of 2009 (Part 3 of 5)

traffic circles, roundabouts, Kingston Transit, Kingstonist best post from 2009, Kingston blogIn part one of Kingstonist’s Best of 2009 review, we focused on our city streets and their newfound fame thanks to Google Street View.  Yesterday’s pick was also related to transportation, as it concentrated on closing down city streets to make them pedestrian friendly.  In light of our selections thus far, I suppose it should come as no surprise that our next choice is also related to the avenues, boulevards and thoroughfares of the Limestone City.

Last January, junior asked if Kingston was ready to embrace roundabouts.  After he outlined the safety and environmental benefits associated with roundabouts, many of our readers weighed in on the issue, and some went so far as to identify prospective locations in Kingston that might benefit from a roundabout or two.  Reference was also made to Kingston’s former traffic circle at the intersection of Princess and Bath, however no one really revealed why it was replaced by traffic lights.  In any case, as a result of the debate that ensued, and fact that this post still receives a considerable amount of attention, it is an easy choice for one of Kingstonist’s Best of 2009.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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