Best of 2009 (Part 2 of 5)

What if Kingston, pedestrian friendly downtown, pedestrian Princess Street, Kingstonist best post from 2009, Kingston blogWelcome back to the 2nd episode of Kingstonist’s Best of 2009 review. In case you missed part one, I will briefly reiterate that we aren’t ranking posts, rather this list is based upon an analysis of content that received the most comments, page views, links from external websites, as well as input from our contributors and readers. In the end, Kingstonist’s top posts from this past year represent a healthy cross section of important issues that are near and dear to our hearts.  And without further ado, let’s get on with the show.

In late November 2008, Kingstonist launched a new, irregular series titled What if Kingston….  This adventurous line of content strives to address unusual local issues with unique solutions such as green parking zones, community bike sharing, and roadside attractions featuring gigantic busts of Don Cherry. Our most popular post in this series called upon Kingston to periodically keep cars off of lower Princess Street, so that it was pedestrian friendly. Responses ranged from incredulous outrage regarding the prospect of closing off part of a major transportation artery, to celebrating the possible benefits to local businesses, the environment, as well as active lifestyles.  While a pedestrian friendly downtown has yet to materialize, we’re optimistic that some variation of our dream may eventually be adopted by Canada’s most wannabe sustainable city.  Thanks to the conversation it created as well as the potential to inspire positive change, our pedestrian friendly post represents some of our best content from 2009.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

Harvey Kirkpatrick is Kingstonist's Co-Founder. His features curiously explore urban planning, what if scenarios, the local food scene and notable Kingstonians. Loves playing tourist and listening to rap music. Learn more about Harvey...

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