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cell phone providers, Kingston, OntarioIn the high speed digital age, there is an important question we get asked with increasing frequency “who is your cell phone provider”? While I’ve had stints with Bell and Virgin, nowadays my loose allegiances are with Rogers. For me, Rogers is the devil I know, and I’m simply too lazy to shop my business around to the slow growing field of competitors. While I’ve grown accustomed to Rogers’ shortcomings (eg Emily, the incompetent voice recognition customer support “tool”), I’ve also enjoyed experiences in remote locations where I’ve been the only person able to get a signal. Putting your most expensive bills, worst customer support experiences and dropped calls aside, this week’s poll question asks:
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To be clear, this week’s topic of conversation isn’t necessarily trying to suss out who’s the best, however I suppose gauging consensus does that to a degree. You could be like me and simply too lazy to look around, or perhaps you’re locked into a lengthy contract, or maybe your jaded and believe that they’re all crooks.  Perhaps a better question would be whether or not you plan on taking your business elsewhere in the near future, and where might that be? What factors influence your decision to go with provider A over provider B? Is it their hardware selection, less costly voice or data plans, coverage, customer support or something else entirely? Drop off a few comments, comparisons and war stories below.

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2 thoughts on “Best Cellular Provider in Kingston

  • i have just moved from Toronto and back to kingston i just had to give up my wind mobile service no contract it was great and with promotions i was only paying 25 dollars plus tax a month for unlimited long distance to any one in canada anytime and unlimited text talk anytime unlimited. now mind you that was not the internet but their prices are back to a contract here with tellus which i found better and easier to become a customer than when i went to rogers. and rogers is hated in toronto lol… as they are our tv and internet provider as well…..

    • $25/month for unlimited long distance and text is a phenomenal deal in comparison to the options we have locally. Their voice-only plans also seem appealing, but I'm not sure how they stack up against the big three. Again, I can't wait for them to set up shop here in Kingston and make things more competitive.

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