BeaverTails set to open store in downtown Kingston

That classic Canadian pastry will soon be available throughout the year, as BeaverTails gets ready to open up a store in downtown Kingston later this month. Submitted photo.

By end this month, Kingstonians should see a permanent BeaverTails store at 20 Market St. here in the Limestone City.

BeaverTails had a food truck in Kingston for a number of years, serving their one-of-a-kind warm, artisanal Canadian pastry that are easy to enjoy on the extremely cold winters.

“We have no doubt that BeaverTails will be a perfect fit within the Kingston community,” said Erin Johnston, BeaverTails Social Media Coordinator, noting that they know Kingston is a city full of BeaverTails fanatics. The Kingston-based food truck has always been a popular addition to Kingston’s community events. And in more sweet news: you can still book the BeaverTails food truck to serve your favourite Canadian treats at your events throughout the year.

Johnston said they received many requests from fans asking for a permanent shop in Kingston, and it was time to make those request become a reality – and ensure the First Capital of Canada can offer up the quintessential Canadian treat all year round. BeaverTails is looking forward to serving Kingstonians, students, and tourists in historic downtown Kingston, Johnston expressed. During the summer months, Kingston is a favourite stop for tourists, and BeaverTails pastries have become a Canadian icon. Since BeaverTails thrives in tourist landmark locations where they become that Canadian ‘bucket list’ food for visitors, Kingston is a perfect fit to have a permanent BeaverTails store, he explained.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the grand opening of BeaverTails in Kingston.

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