Beating the Heat in Kingston

beat the heatImagine this; a hot blazing sun, sticky legs, sweaty palms and the humidity so high that your hair makes you look like this. We’ve all been there, however the question is what do you do to survive the heat? As much as we may crave for the sun to knock on our door during those long winter days, sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side… and sometimes it is. Whether you’re a broke student suffering the deprivation of air-conditioning or a local resident feeling the pinch of the water restriction, the ever welcomed heat brings on some new challenges; how to stay cool. But staying cool doesn’t always come cheap, not everyone wants to break the bank by blasting on the air conditioner all day long.

With the recent forecasts for the city, it looks like heat is on its way to stay. However with the discussions of the quality of water at local beaches and the stress of finding the right place for you, there are other ways people can look to for staying cool.
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Often limited budget and lack of transportation can limit us to planning a getaway from the heat however fear not, there are lots of local places you can go to cool off such as the Leo Lafleur Waterpark, and Wolfe Island. However whether it comes to escaping the walls of your overheated home or cooling off with a nice beverage, this city by the water always provides its residents opportunities to stay cool.

The truth of the matter is we all look forward to the summer year-round, however too much heat can be both mentally and physically strenuous for people. Do you think because of the potential health damages too much heat can do to one, there should be a push towards more accessible public places to cool off? Should there be more facilities in the city to help us battle this heat or should we just enjoy what little sunshine we get in a year? Should we as a city work towards improving the quality of the local waters? And better yet what are some creative ways you keep cool in the summertime?

Special thanks to Janet Cuicci for today’s refreshing photo.

One thought on “Beating the Heat in Kingston

  • I just wanted to share an experience I just had with regards to keeping cool. I decided that since today is so brisk compared to yesterday, that a run was in order. I planned to keep it short and drank a lot of water before I left but I still felt pretty faint after about 20 minutes. Luckily I was at the corner of Princess and Wellington at the time and decided to pop into the Goat. It was great, the people waiting at the counter moved right out of my way and let me in to get a free extra large cup of water. I wasn't falling down or anything but they could see that I was in need and helped me without batting an eye. So thanks to the sweet red headed server at the Goat and the nice customers who let me go first!

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