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Hey there stranger, welcome back! I am sorry you had to go over an entire week without any updates from me, or the Kingstonist team. What can I say to make it better? I’d promise to never leave our fare city again, but then I might not be able to make comparisons and ultimately appreciate it as much. In my recent travels I ventured to Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City, all of which have their magnificent charms and modest flaws. As the end of my vacation drew closer, I really got excited about returning to the Limestone City. The camera was doing it’s thing on the drive in, catching all the great Fall colours along the 401, the mega-Kings Crossing shopping development at Division and 401, as well as a beehive of activity along Princess Street. After you’ve checked out the new videos , please drop us a line and tell us what you enjoy the most about Kingston in the Fall.

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