Assault and threats lead to arrest of Kingston woman

Photo by First Response Media.

A local woman has been arrested and charged after she attended another woman’s home, assaulted that woman, and then threatened to burn the woman’s house down.

The female victim received a text message from the accused woman on Monday, February 24, 2020 indicating that the accused woman was at the victim’s west-end residence and threatening to injure her. According to police, the two women had known each other for some time and had a history of incidents involving harassment and arguments whenever they encountered one another at social gatherings. Police had previously spoken to both women and advised them to refrain from communicating with each other.

When the victim received the text message, she was not at home, however, she quickly returned in fear for the safety of the occupants that were in the residence.

When the victim returned home, the accused woman began arguing with her outside of the residence. The argument quickly escalated into a physical assault when the accused woman grabbed the victim by the hair and pulled her to the ground. The accused woman then struck the victim several times in the head. During the altercation, the accused indicated she would burn down the victim’s home.

A citizen driving by at the time of the altercation stopped and separated the two women, at which point the accused woman fled the scene.

At approximately 8:50 p.m. that day, police located and arrested the accused woman at her residence.

The 35-year-old Kingston woman was charged with assault and uttering threats to damage property.

2 thoughts on “Assault and threats lead to arrest of Kingston woman

  • The lies are incredible. If the accused had a chance to hit her she would have repeatedly. This “victim” has bullied this poor girl for almost a year. Nut the Truth is the “victim” had her big tough boyfriend hold the accused down so the “victim” could lay a beating on her without her ability to fight back and lied to the cops. Ridiculous how bad the ppl in this city are. And the cops…even worse they are USELESS

  • This is all bull crap the accused sent a messege to talk she was not even all the way to her home she was at a stop sign and the victim booted her car the accused got out to find out what happen and the victim and her bf grabed her and beet her like the person above said and the victim has been threatening the accused for allmost a year but thats all fine no one want to do anything about that and find out the truth

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