Anti-mask, anti-vaccine group deliver ‘cease and desist order’ to KFL&A Public Health

Daniel Calabretta addressing the small crowd in front of the KFL&A Public Health offices.

A group of about two dozen people describing themselves as being “anti-mask and anti-vaccine mandate” delivered a “cease and desist” package to Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington (KFL&A) Public Health offices on Thursday afternoon.

Three Kingston Police officers were on scene to monitor the group.

The attendees, led by Daniel Calabretta, who identified himself as the CEO of the People’s Party of Canada in the local region, arrived at the Public Health Unit’s Portsmouth Ave offices shortly before 3 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 23. Calabretta gave a speech before he handed the package to a Public Health representative.

In his speech to the sparse gathering, Calabretta stated that the package contained a Cease and Desist letter, a Notice of Liability, and a copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights. “Today I want to submit [this package] on behalf of all Kingstonians but I’m just doing it on behalf of myself,” announced Calabretta. “But really, it’s a Christmas present to you all because we’ve got to say ‘what would Jesus do’ when you’re being lied to, and coerced into a biological experiment.”

The gathered crowd listens to Daniel Calabretta as he makes a speech.

Calabretta noted that he supports a project which aims “to corral those who have knowingly participated in the COVID agenda into a Court of Justice and have a trial in front of an impartial judge for crimes against humanity. I pray they have a very sober look at the three enclosed documents.”

The address, which was about six minutes long, largely consisted of unsourced statistics and claims about COVID-19, vaccinations, masking policies, and the Canadian constitution that are verifiably false. Kingstonist has opted not to repeat these statements.

“All the COVID [policies] that have been set place by KFL&A ought to be lifted immediately,” urged Calabretta.

A Kingston Police sergeant asks the gathered crowd to disperse following their delivery of documents.

After handing the package over to a Public Health official, several of the members remained in the parking lot for about 20 minutes before being asked to leave by Kingston Police. The group slowly dispersed without incident.

In coordinating this gathering on social media, one member of the group also divulged what was purportedly Dr. Piotr Oglaza’s home address, inciting members of the group to rally at his home if he was not found to be present at the Public Health offices. That prompted Kingston Police to attend the indicated address as well, as a precautionary measure. No members of the group attended that address, according to Kingston Police.

In response to this rally, Dr. Oglaza refrained from correcting factual errors in Calabretta’s speech, but instead expressed empathy with anxieties that exist in the community surrounding the pandemic. “I understand that everyone in our community is feeling greater anxiety and fear as this new wave of COVID-19 threatens us again. It is important to treat each other with compassion and care, even in the dark days when we feel sad, scared or even angry as we move forward. I know that the people in KFL&A will continue to work together with the strength, courage, and determination that has built our community.” 

4 thoughts on “Anti-mask, anti-vaccine group deliver ‘cease and desist order’ to KFL&A Public Health

  • Yeah, they don’t speak for anyone I know in Kingston. These “save democracy” people who don’t respect democracy really puzzle me.

  • May I suggest the following? This group should be offered a tour of the ICU, while maskless, where they can volunteer to treat the sick.

  • What a beautifully compassionate response Dr. Oglaza gave to these foolish people. I shall try to be as kind. Three of us have stood outside of KGH on a few freezing cold mornings , just holding up “Thank you” signs to all the staff slogging in to work day after day after day, during this pandemic. (We tried to stay out of their way.) Maybe it’s time to get out our”Miigwetch” signs again, for KFLAPH.

  • Sad this is still going on. Vaccines and masks are saving lives.

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