Amherst Islander II set to take first trip with passengers this week

The Amherst Islander II. Photo by Aerosnapper Kingston.

After “much delay, frustration, and inconvenience,” the Amherst Islander II ferry is now set to take its first trip with passengers on the morning of Tuesday, Jul. 2, 2024, according to Nathan Townend, Deputy Mayor of Loyalist Township and Deputy Warden of Lennox & Addington County.

The ferry will leave at 10:30 a.m. from the Stella side, and “will be taking walk on passengers only, in order to accommodate as many people as we can fit on the deck to share the moment,” Townend said in a social media update.

Townend thanked residents for their “patience and good humour, which I never take for granted, and which is appreciated by everyone at Loyalist.”

Townend clarified that the trip will be a “simple trip” to Millhaven and back. “This will be a relatively low key affair, since it is in fact the beginning of another phase of training, however we at the Township did not want the event to go unmarked,” he said. “This has been a long time in coming, with a lot of work, by a lot of people, to get here. There is much more work to do, with lots of issues yet to be resolved, but milestones are important to mark.”

Townend took a moment to commend Township staff and the ferry crew on reaching this milestone. “Through it all, our exceptional Township staff and ferry crew have continually sacrificed and laboured to get us to this point, and I have no doubt they will get us over the finish line of seeing the Al II in full service later this year.”

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