Airline pilot flight school launches in Kingston

Chorus Aviation has announced the launch of Cygnet Aviation Academy, a “first of its kind” pilot academy in Canada providing “leading edge” flight training with direct access to career opportunities. The flight school will be headquartered in Kingston, Ontario.

Designed for individuals with little to no flight experience, cadets will spend 18 months at Cygnet in Kingston. “Here, cadets will have access to state-of-the-art training methods, scenario-based flight simulation training, and airline pilot mentorship,” the company said. Upon completion of the Integrated Airline Transport License, cadets will transfer to a CAE training facility to complete their type rating.

“Cygnet will be offering a first of its kind pilot academy in Canada providing leading edge flight training with direct access to career opportunities,” said KEDCO upon the announcement.

Cygnet, in collaboration with CAE, will deliver “an all-in-one program on state-of-the-art aircraft, flight training devices, and full-flight simulators through which cadets will achieve their Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (iATPL) and acquire an airline specific type rating over a 20-month program,” KEDCO continued, saying that the new school was “an important step in addressing the ongoing pilot shortages.”

With its launch, Cygnet Aviation Academy also joins the Jazz Aviation Pathways Program, making it the 13th educational institution participating in that airline pilot training program.

“We’re pleased to congratulate Cygnet and to be working with another Chorus company to provide opportunities for aspiring pilots,” said Steve Linthwaite, Vice President, Flight Operations, Jazz. “By supporting the next generation of pilots, we are not only shaping the future of our business, but also contributing to the growth and sustainability of the aviation industry as a whole.”

Jazz and Cygnet said they are collaborating to deliver Jazz Approach – a “unique pilot training opportunity that offers an accelerated career path for aspiring professional pilots.” The companies said that, after “an extensive selection process,” qualifying applicants will receive a conditional letter of employment from Jazz, contingent on their successful completion of the program.

“The program takes an all-in-one practical approach, whereby cadets will earn an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License from Cygnet, with extensive use of flight simulators, and acquire a CRJ200 type rating, all within 20 months,” Jazz Aviation said in a statement regarding the partnership.

“This represents the fastest path to an airline First Officer position in Canada. Once hired, all candidates are required to successfully complete the same ground school, Transport Canada Pilot Proficiency Check, and safety requirements as all other Jazz First Officers,” Jazz continued.

According to the company, the first cohort of Jazz Approach cadets is already underway.

“Jazz provides a large number of skilled and competent pilots to Air Canada each year and we’re pleased with the continued innovation shown by our Air Canada Express partner through programs such as the Jazz Approach and Jazz Aviation Pathways Program,” said Murray Strom, Senior Vice President, Flight Operations and Maintenance, Air Canada.

Colin Copp, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chorus Aviation, announced Lynne McMullen as Cygnet’s inaugural President.

“Lynne has over 25 years of experience in flight training-related positions, including as a flight instructor and pilot examiner. She has held progressive leadership positions and has been instrumental in developing training and recruitment programs with the RCAF and several Canadian airlines,” Copp said. “In addition, she works with several aviation industry boards, including the Air Transport Association of Canada and the Aviation Accreditation Board International,” Copp continued.

“Cygnet and CAE will combine high-technology and leading-edge digital education and training to prepare direct-entry-ready First Officers for Canadian airlines,” said McMullen. “We’re excited to collaborate with Transport Canada to deliver a competency-based training model in support of cutting-edge programs for the next generation of aviation professionals.”

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