Aggressive, intoxicated passenger apprehended by bus driver

Kingstonist file photo.

Kingston Police are crediting a local bus driver with taking control of an aggressive passenger and restraining him until police arrived.

The incident occurred on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019, at approximately 7 p.m. The accused man was causing a disturbance on a Kingston Transit bus while it was travelling on Princess Street. According to Kingston Police, the driver observed the accused man standing at the back of the bus, and being loud and menacing towards other passengers. The man was also pretending to throw punchers at an older man.

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In order to maintain the safety of his passengers, the driver pulled the pus to the shoulder of the road just east of Midland Avenue. The driver then told the accused man he would have to exit the bus if his behaviour persisted. The accused man then stormed to the front of the bus and began swearing at the driver. According to Kingston Police, as the driver attempted to lure the accused man off of the bus, the man became violent and struck the driver in the back of the head. Once both parties were outside the bus, the driver took control and brought the accused man to the ground, where he restrained the man until police arrived.

The 29-year-old local man was charged with causing a disturbance by being intoxicated, and assault.

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