City introducing Kingston’s first ‘AAA’ intersection

An AAA cycling intersection, like the one above, is being put in place at the intersection of John Counter Boulvard and Leroy Grant Drive. Image via City of Kingston.

Upgrades to the intersection at John Counter Boulevard and Leroy Grant Drive, will convert this location to an AAA (i.e. all ages and abilities) cycling intersection.

This new infrastructure, including Kingston’s first crossrides and bike signals, will enhance safety and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists traveling through the intersection, the City of Kingston said in a release dated Wednesday, Sept 30, 2020.

This work will connect to the newly completed Leroy Grant Multi-use Pathway, a priority project identified in Kingston’s Active Transportation Master Plan, according to the City. It consists of 1.8km of accessible, asphalt pathway from Third Avenue to Elliot Avenue, through Champlain Park, and then on to John Counter Boulevard where it meets the AAA cycling intersection.

“The future of transportation in Kingston is safer, connected and more active,” says Ian Semple, Director of Transportation Services. “We’re designing and building projects that improve our roads, prioritize safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and give people more options to get around the city.”

How do crossrides work?

Cyclists have the option to cross the intersection using crossrides, cycling facilities that work like crosswalks do for pedestrians, and provide an additional level of safety for cyclists, according to the release.

  • Cyclists cross the intersection in their designated space, marked with green paint and bike symbols.
  • Cyclists may enter the crossrides when the bike signal turns green.
  • Cyclists remain on their bicycle and follow the directional arrows within the crossride.
  • When turning out of the intersection, cyclists must yield to pedestrians.
  • Motorists must yield to cyclists crossing the intersection in a crossride.

To learn more about an AAA cycling intersection and how it is to be used, please watch the video below from the City of Kingston.


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