1500-unit development proposed for Davis Tannery site by Patry

Updated information has been revealed about the development being proposed by Jay Patry Enterprises Inc. on the site of the former Davis Tannery at the corner of River and Orchard Streets.

A concept drawing of the proposed development by Jay Patry Enterprises Inc. on the site of the former Davis Tannery as provided in a report being brought to council on Nov. 19, 2019.

The proposal contains four six-storey buildings, with a combined 1,509 residential units and 4,961 square metres of commercial space, including some labeled as ‘Grocery Store’ in the concept diagram.

Since 2018, the developer has been working with municipal planning staff as well as Brent Toderian on refinements to the proposal. The concept being provided now includes public park space along the waterfront, an increase in amenity and commercial space, and more access to the Rideau Canal including a boathouse for the Kingston Rowing Club.

The four buildings have change their height since the initial proposal, too, with the two buildings closest to the water now proposed at four-five storeys, and the others as tall as eight storeys.

All four of the proposed buildings will contain multi-story parking garages in their centres, marked with a ‘P’ in the above diagram. Diagram provided by the City of Kingston

In addition to amenity and park space, parking is proposed for all four of the buildings, with over 1,800 parking spaces provided in multi-story parking garages located in the center of the buildings. The two buildings closer to the water will house residential units above the garage in addition to around it.

“It’s important that we get the details right for this housing development,” wrote Mayor Bryan Paterson in a post to his blog earlier today, noting that council will likely need to offset the estimated $60 million in environmental cleanup costs through reductions in future property taxes.

“There’s a strong case for this investment, since the City doesn’t get any tax revenues from this property in its current state”, Paterson added.

Rendering at two different times of day of the revised proposal for the Davis Tannery lands provided through a report to Council shows the waterfront park and the new boathouse for the Kingston Rowing Club.

The project has already held public meetings in March, 2018, though additional open houses are being proposed for Thursday, Dec. 5 and Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019 to show the project in its new state.

Council will hear more about this proposal during a briefing at their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019. The developer intends to to revise current planning applications and proceed through the review process, which does include additional public meetings and feedback periods, in early 2020.

This story has been updated. An earlier version of this story showed an older rendering of the development as viewed from the water. The correct rendering has been inserted in its place and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

6 thoughts on “1500-unit development proposed for Davis Tannery site by Patry

  • How many of these units are geared to income and units for disabled people. This is where the need is in kingston

    • exactly, i was going to say how many thousands are these going to cost per month. We need affordable housing in Kingston, not more housing for the rich and all the friggin students, they take over enough.

  • Hopefully, None If I was buying a condo I don’t want low-income housing hurting my property value.

  • Agreed Betty. There is literally a crisis for housing right now for affordable housing, its insane. Will a percentage of these units be required to be RGI? Buildings are going up around town and yet the housing waitlist is still at minimum 5 years. And landlords only want to rent to students mostly, when its a room in a house. If you’re on disability you’re basically screwed. If these buildings don’t address any of that, whats the point? We need solutions not adding to the problem

  • Who would trust Patry Inc with environmental clean up?

  • What materials are they using for construction? Patry has used all wood construction in the past. Large multi-dwelling residential buildings should be made of concrete to reduce fire damage and deaths in the future.

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