Drive safely this winter with a tire package from Gan Chev

As the days grow shorter, our thoughts turn to the holidays, snow, and winter tires. Or at least they should:

“The primary function of a snow tire is to provide you stability on the road during the cold months and a softer rubber allows them to do just that,” reads the Gan Chev Tire Center website. “The tread pattern and sips on each individual tread also make snow tires safer for winter driving. The treads are designed to grip on ice and have a suction effect on the cold, wet road surface.”

This means they continue to grip both the pavement and the snow and ice surfaces through the cold wet months of winter. An article on provides results from a test done to rate stopping time between all-season and winter tires. It was found that cars driving at 50 km/h on cold bare pavement stopped at 18 meters with winter tires, and 27.1 meters with all-seasons. That’s a 33.6 percent shorter stop for the vehicle with winter tires, and could be the difference between avoidance and an accident.

Gan Chev is running their Seasonal Tire change packages, to help you get ready for the snowy season ahead.  Their basic tire switch over, for wheels on rims, costs $49.95, and they offer packages which include tire storage and a multi-point inspection. The packages are discounted until the end of 2020, so act now to book your appointment.

Image provided by Gan Chev.

Don’t have snow tires? Gan Chev has you covered. They sell all of the main name brand winter tires and offer a price match guarantee. If you bring a lower quote or advertised price to them they will match it. Click here for a quote on winter tires:

The Gan Chev service department has seen many instances of snow tires having been left on all summer, due to the pandemic. “Many people didn’t feel comfortable taking their vehicle in for service at the end of the winter when the pandemic hit our area,” says Mike Kellam, Operations Manager for Gan Chev. “Because of this we are suggesting that people in this situation come in and have their tires inspected and rotated. Summer driving can be damaging to snow tires because it is a softer compound tire. We are offering this for $29.95 – that would include a pressure top up, inspection of tires and tire rotation.”

Consider optimizing the time your car is in the shop, and have your oil changed, or other routine maintenance needs looked after while you’re there.

Having a busy fall season? Gan Chev offers a free pick up and delivery service year round. Call and book your service appointment with a pick up, and their drivers will pick up your vehicle at home, work, or school, bring it in for service and then return it when done. You never even have to step foot in the dealership.

Another option to consider is their loaner fleet. Should you need a car during your service appointment they can leave one for you when they pick up your vehicle. If you are interested in test driving a specific make or model, they can also make arrangements to leave a new vehicle of your choice for you to test drive for the day.

Call the Gan Chev Service Department at 613-382-8500, or schedule an appointment online, and drive confidently this winter.

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