It’s not too late to get winter tires

Here’s the thing about winter tires: they’re made for winter. That sounds obvious, but many people still call them snow tires. Winter tires are designed to provide better and safer driving in all winter weather conditions, not just for better traction in the snow.

Where winter tires can really put on their best performance is in temperatures below 7° Celsius, which in southeastern Ontario can be four or five months of the year, regardless of if the roads are wet, snowy, or dry. Winter tires provide superior grip on cold asphalt, whereas with ‘all-season tires,’ the rubber compound gets too hard, and your vehicle will quite simply not start or stop as fast. They most certainly do provide better traction in snow and ice as well, and with winters seemingly becoming longer and more unpredictable, Ontario drivers really need to have a set of winter tires. And yet, nearly four in 10 Ontario drivers still don’t use winter tires. For those who feel that safety and practicality aren’t enough, auto insurance companies offer a further incentive by providing a five per cent discount when you install winter tires.

I’ll confess: I went years without winter tires, for a variety of reasons. One: I thought that, by getting decent quality ‘all-season’ tires, I was doing OK.  The other: a bit of laziness mixed with unawareness. But, a few years ago, and after a few too many close calls in the winter, I smartened up and got a set of winter tires, and I was blown away by how much of a difference they made.

When it’s time for you to get a new set of winter tires, take a look at the selection offered by Gananoque Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac. Not only do they have an amazing inventory, but they also price match, so if you find a better price at any other area retailer, simply let the Gan Chev folks know, and they’ll match that price.

They also offer a delivery service, meaning if Gananoque is out of the way for you, Gan Chev will come pick up your car from home or work, change the tires, and bring it back to you at no cost. You can even order the tires over the phone.

To save even more money, you can get $150 off your tire purchase when you pay for the tires on a GM Visa card!  And why not get your car cleaned up for the season while you’re there? Gan Chev’s in-house detailing service packages start at $49.95.

You just can’t beat Gan Chev on price, selection, convenience, or customer service, whether its for winter tires, service, sales, and financing. Stop by if you’re in Gananoque, but they’re happy to do business by phone or email. as well — just get in touch and they’ll look after you!

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