Kingstonist’s Wizard of Paws: Reader question on dog flatulence

Some dogs have very smelly gas, and there can be a number of reasons for that.


This week, I’m answering another question submitted by a reader!



I have a black lab who seems to, for the last 6 months or so, be passing horrible smelling gas… nothing has been changed with his diet… he only eats his kibble (Acana dog food), and he doesn’t eat any treats of any kind (hes a service dog, and doesn’t seem to tolerate anything except his kibble).

He also seems to eat his own ‘business’ as well as the rabbit stuff… He can clear a room in five seconds! Any advice would be helpful!




Hi Sherry and thanks for your question!

Flatulence in dogs is nothing new and believe me, I’ve know quite a few dogs who could clear a room! The cause is due to the breakdown of fiber in the diet by bacteria in the colon (or large intestine). As we mentioned last week, rabbit poop is nothing to worry about, but here’s a few tips that might help:

  • Feed smaller meals more frequently to help aid in digestion. Additionally, feeding a mixture of dry and canned foods could help.
  • To prevent excessive ingestion of air (if ravenously eating or with our brachycephalic dogs), get a slow feed or maze bowl, or turn a second smaller bowl upside down and place it in the main bowl to prevent over-zealous ingestion of air.
  • Talk with your veterinarian or find a diet with higher digestibility to prevent giving fiber from being able to reach the colon and be broken down by the bacteria residing there. Diets with rice are highly digestible which won’t be available in grain-free diets.
  • Regular exercise can help intestinal gases moving along.

Hopefully that helps the odor problem! Some gas is normal but we’re hoping to avoid the smelly kind!

-Dr. Ryan Llera


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  • In the meantime read Walter the Farting Dog. A lovely Canadian children’s book series by William Kotzwinkle. It will help you love and live with your pouch until you find the solution!

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