Kingston area cancellations due to inclement weather and road conditions

Significant snowfall and frigid temperatures have led to several cancellations in the Kingston area on Sunday morning. The following will be closed or have been cancelled today:

Bethel Church

Bay Park Church

Westside Fellowship CRC

Battersea United Church

Inverary United Church

Impact Church

Kingston West FMC

Kingston Alliance Church

Strathcona Park Presbyterian Church

Cornerstone Church (Gananoque)

Grace United Church (Gananoque)

St Paul’s Anglican Church (Sydenham)

St Andrews-By-The-Lake Church

St John’s Presbyterian Church

Polson Park Free Methodist Church

Kingston Meetinghouse Distance Group at Theological Hall

Salvation Army Kingston Citadel

Evangel Pentecostal Church

Wolfe Island United Church

EarlyON children’s program cancelled at Kingston Community Health Centres

Pathways To Education trip to Frontenacs game

Kingston Vees game against 99ers

Trillium Gymnastics, all classes

Kingston Elite Cheer

Loyalist Gymnastics

Fort Henry Heights Skating Club

Pegasus Volleyball House League

Bread & Butter Bakery

Toast & Jam

Juniper Cafe

Morningstar Dog Academy

Beef dinner at Golden Links (Harrowsmith)

Kilborn’s On The Rideau

Greenhawk Kingston


PaintNite at Tirnanog

These are the closures and cancellations submitted to us via Facebook or Twitter. Many others have been submitted directly to our website via the comments below. Do you know of any other closures today? Please feel free to add them in the comments section!

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