Hangin’ in Chris Koster’s Apartment

Chris Koster

With the experience I’ve gained while updating Kingstonist’s events calendar, I’ve come to notice a few recurring names within the local music circuit.  From Emily Fennell to Reuben de Groot and the Slaves of Spanky, there are many individuals and groups who regularly perform around the Limestone City.  Yesterday I spotted a tweet from Chris Koster, another recognizable character around Kingston, who was promoting new material that he recorded in his apartment.  Without the aid of filters or effects, what you see is what you get.  And it’s pretty amazing!

Koster says that he has a few albums’ worth of material just sitting around ready to be released. But because of the nature of the music industry, as well as his meticulous process for refining his songs, it could be a while before these ideas find their way onto an album.  Hence these videos chronicle an early version of his newest material, which will continue to to mature and develop into something even better.  So come on into Chris’ apartment, listen to a few tunes and let him know what you think.

Special thanks and photo credit go to bv.

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