Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Map of the Dead, Zombie Survival MapToday we’re breaking away from local stories of interest to a piece of vital information that could very well save your life one day. While Halloween is just over half a year away, don’t be fooled, the zombie apocalypse is blind to our calendar and realistically, it could hit the Limestone City any day now.  When the wandering, flesh eating herd starts to roam the streets, just how prepared will you be?  This is the sort of question I’ve often considered while watching films such as Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and AMC’s The Walking Dead.  In Kingston, would it be best to take up refuge in a well stocked grocery store, or better to barricade yourself in a high rise such as Princess Towers?

Okay, so perhaps I’ve put a bit too much thought into possible courses of action in response to thwarting the zombie horde in the Limestone City, but luckily my proactive fears are shared by other paranoid folks.  Map of the Dead is a Google powered map that outlines danger areas and key locations to ensure your survival in response to the zombie apocalypse.  Probable danger zones are highlighted in red (ie KGH, Hotel Dieu, Queen’s, golf courses, cemeteries etc…), while supply depots such as liquor stores, pharmacies, grocery stores and so on are represented by bold icons.

In all honesty, Map of the Dead is missing a great deal of information regarding places to get supplies, but it’s not as though we want the whole world to know where all of our secret supply stations are.  Check it out and make your plan to either hunker down with the rest of us or evacuate to the nearest safe zone.  Where do you plan to go if when the zombie apocalypse hits?

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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One thought on “Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

  • First of all, you should already have an Emergency Preparedness Kit located in a safe place in your own home.
    This is a issue that always seems to come up between my friends and I. The general consensus is that we will travel north and continue to travel north. Get away from civilization and make our way to the coldest place we can find. I believe that Zombies can not survive our winters as they still have liquid in their bodies and in winter they would freeze. And if they do not freeze they should at least be much less mobile. But my first stop on the way out would be Canadian Tire. It has weapons of all kinds, food, survival gear, fishing equipment and shelters. Everything you need to survive the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

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