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child care, daycare, nursery schoolFinding the right childcare in Kingston can be a daunting task.  You can leave your child at a preschool or nursery school that has a curriculum designed to prepare them for kindergarten, or you may choose to send them to day care where they spend their days playing, with less emphasis on school preparation.  Then there is the question of which day care or preschool to choose.  There are many home care options in Kingston as well – so many in fact that we have chosen to leave them out of this guide.  For the most part (and full disclosure, I am not a parent) I imagine most people would choose the right home care provider for their needs by talking to other parents and getting referrals.  So, today’s guide is focused on the day cares, preschools and nursery schools that are available in Kingston.  All of the schools listed are licensed and, unless there is an asterisk, they are subsidized by the City.


Allen-Detweiler Nursery School: 10 Union Street, 613-549-8427
Circle of Friends: 38 Cowdy Street, 613-546-1265
Corner Clubhouse Day Care Centre: 244 MacDonnell Street and 198 Mack Street, 613-541-1338
Frontenac Club Day Care: 442 Albert Street, 613-542-4018
Gently Rocking Horse Day Care: 259 Albert Street, 613-531-7957
Healthy Horizons Day Care: 880 Victoria Street, 613-548-7352
Helen Tufts Nursery School: 211 Johnson Street, 613-546-9576
High Hopes Day Care: 674 Victoria Street, 613-549-6642
Kids and Company: 126 Wellington Street, 613-542-5555
King’s Town School*: 66 Rideau Street, 613-546-5123
Mulberry Waldorf School*: 25 Markland Street, 613-542-0669
Old MacDonald’s Day Care: 237 Sydenham Street, 613-542-5300
Pladec Day Care Centre: 349 Mack Street, 613-546-1234
Programs After Learning: 671 Brock Street, 613-544-4267
Queen’s Day Care Centre: 169 Union Street, 613-533-3008
Something Special Children’s Centre: 10 Chapman Street, 613-544-8367
Une École Pour Tous*: 221 Queen Street, 613-548-4138


Active World Children’s Centre: 76 Smithfield Crescent, 613-531-8846
La Garderie Éducative de Kingston: 72 Gilmour Avenue, 613-549-7109
Frontenac County Child Care Centre – LCVI: 153 Van Order Drive, 613-545-1759
Little Angels Child Care Centre: 1206 Johnson Street, 613-536-0358
YMCA of Kingston Child Care Centre: 100 Wright Crescent, 613-546-2647

West End

Bay Park Children’s Centre: 775 Progress Avenue, 613-389-8918
Bayridge Drive Child Care Centre: 1035 Bayridge Drive, 613-634-0003
Bayside Montessori School*: 1212 Woodbine Road, 613-561-6580
Building Blocks Nursery School: 130 Lakeview Avenue 613-389-8733
Collins Bay Child Care*: 4075 Bath Road, 613-634-6694
Coppens Academy: 672 Golden Mile Road, 613-331-3993
Frontline Day Care Centre: 999 Sydenham Road, 613-542-0525 ext. 235
Henderson Child Care Centre: 180 Henderson Boulevard, 613-507-0003
The Kid’s Place: 1044 Lancaster Drive, 613-384-7677
Kinderconcepts Preschool*: 855 Ashton Place, 613-777-3763
Lancaster Drive Child Care: 1020 Lancaster Drive, 613-634-1318
Limestone Nursery School: 930 Woodbine Road, 613-384-5188
Tiny Hoppers*: 375 Select Drive, 613-544-0123
Trillium Child Care Centre: 790 Edgar Street, 613-547-7210
YMCA West End Children’s Centre: 564 Tanner Drive, 613-546-2647

East End

Pladec East Day Care Centre: 671 Innovation Drive, 613-507-4321
St. Martha Child Care Centre: 455 St. Martha Street, 613-549-2151
Sunshine Playhouse: 32 Lundy’s Lane, 613-546-7572

North End

Coppens Academy – Division: 817 Division Street, 613-507-3993
La Garderie Croque-Soleil: 711 Dalton Avenue, 613-548-4484
La Garderie Croque-Soleil Les Explorateurs: 51 Virginia Street, 613-544-4816
Little Bits Day Care: 360 Kingston Mills Road, 613-547-0020
Frontenac County Child Care Centre – QECVI: 145 Kirkpatrick Street, 613-545-0228
Frontenac County Child Care Centre – Rideau Heights: 77 McCauley Street, 613-549-3232

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