From the Cartoonist’s Desk

Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, Kingston, OntarioLast week, a Facebook comment on Vision for Kingston accused me of being flip about a cartoon I drew to do with the proposed 20-storey building on the old Marine Museum site.

I readily confess to a keen sense of humour and I enjoy the ridiculous. And cartooning. As I see it, the cartoonist should aim to illustrate a situation, simplify it where possible, aim to amuse and – most important of all – make people THINK. Just occasionally, the “amuse” should be omitted. But only in extreme circumstances, like a war.

So, am I flip? Maybe – but my recent aim has been a lighter point of view on the conflicting Kingston opinions over high-rise development downtown. So:

If I amuse you, great!
If I simplify something, good!
If I upset you, no harm intended….but I got your attention.
If I make you THINK, then I succeeded.

If I have upset you, I offer my sincere apologies. Upsetting people is NEVER my intention.

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