The Tango

The Tango is permanently closed. Looking for a place that’s still open? Check out our restaurant reviews and recommendations for establishments that are still open and serving great food in Kingston.

I am surprised I haven’t written about Tango much earlier. I’ve been here probably upwards of 15 times in my 2 years in Kingston. It really is a staple of downtown Kingston. I know that the OB team meets here every second Friday for drinks. They have never invited me. Tear.

What drew me to Tango at first were the deals. 40% off all tapas on Sunday and Monday with a drink. 50% off mussels on Wednesday with a drink. How can you go wrong?

The interior is a typical lounge affair with house music usually playing. The tables are enormous which really lends itself well to large group gatherings. The service is spectacular. Last year, prior to a performance of Les Miserables in Gananoque, we had a group of 10 people who wanted to each have individual cheques. I thought they would say no… (as in Calgary, no restaurant really splits a cheque willingly) so I was surprised when they were okay with it. We gave our poor server 10 faux-leather pads with coins, cash, credit cards, and debit. And she brought it all back within 10 minutes with the correct change and with the correct credit card to each person. Now SHE deserved a big tip!

The drink menu is pretty interesting. Lots of martinis. I am not a beer guy myself so I can’t comment on the beer options. They make a Pimm’s cocktail for $7 which I am a fan of. It is made of Pimm’s (a gin-based liquor with spices), cucumber, oranges, mint and lemonade. A friend really enjoys the After Eight martini (but only if it comes with 4 chocolate sticks, which they gave her once upon special request).

The tapas are pretty standard. A touch on the greasy side but I entice you to name appetizers that aren’t greasy and that aren’t essentially dip and bread.
The Tango, Kingston, Ontario
This is the steamed mussels with sambal tomato broth for $9 ($4.50 if you go on Wednesday). You get a lot of mussels. And I hate to say it Aroma… but these mussels were tastier! I really loved the heat of this sauce.
The Tango, Kingston, Ontario
This is the steamed mussels in garlic herbed butter and white wine for $9 ($4.50 if you go on Wednesday). Again, very tasty mussels but I liked the tomato sauce more.

Tango continues to be a great place to grab a few drinks and a bite to eat. I haven’t really eaten any of their main courses because I’ve usually already eaten by the time I pop in but I continue to be impressed with their service and the great experience they provide larger groups.

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