The Pilot House

I really like fish and chips but it is hard to taste test them frequently because they are quite oily. I’ve heard from various sources that the Pilot House served the best fish and chips in Kingston so I decided to check it out. It is sort of a dodgy looking place but to be honest, most of Kingston looks like this. It isn’t without its charms.
The Pilot House, fish and chips, 265 King St. East, Kingston
And here they are! These are the Halibut Fish and Chips for $10.99. There are a variety of other types, including sole and bass. I figured that the fish should be thick and meaty so halibut seemed like a logical option. The batter wasn’t too heavy, the fish wasn’t too oily, and the chips were light and crisp. I quite enjoyed this dish.
The Pilot House, fish and chips, 265 King St. East, Kingston
This is the Clubhouse sandwich for $10. Julia wanted a healthy option and I guess this was the next best bet. I guess salad was an option but who goes to a pub for salad? The club was well made, not too salty, and had pretty fresh ingredients. There was perhaps a touch too much mayo but otherwise it was pretty tasty.

I like the Pilot House but as I said, fish and chips isn’t something you can eat all the time. I live close to it but I’ve only been 3x in the last year.

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  • I love the Pilot House and have frequented it since I arrived here.
    I also quite like Fran's at Sir John A, outstanding poutine and decent (albeit very thin) halibut.

  • I remembering my first Pilot House experience in undergrad. I had stuffed myself so full I thought I was going to be ill walking home. It is so delicious, but you're right Russ, it's something you can only do a couple times a year and at least one of those should be on the patio.

    • I went on a Sunday morning once (I had a Fish and Chips craving post-inebriation) and was surprised to find it quite busy, busy with older gentlemen with fishing/boating hats. It somehow added to the atmosphere to hear these guys talking about their catches or the size of their boats.

  • I must admit that I've never been a big fan of fish and chips, but I've always meant to take a look at the Pilot House. As a kid, I was made to eat fish and chips, although the frozen variety could hardly be compared to fresher offerings. With my apprehension in mind, what would you recommend for a rookie who does not like tartar sauce?

    • Halibut and Chips. Halibut is pretty benign tasting, none of the fattiness of bass, not too fishy, but a nice solid texture. If you don't like tartar, use the lemon to cut the grease. Also, make sure you add some vinegar to your fries to help you through the grease! It really isn't that greasy but I really like tartar in adding some zest to fish and chips.

  • Pilot House beef and oyster pie is the dish to have. Mike Mundell's in Pittsburgh had the best fish and chips in Kingston IMHO, if they are still there (my knowledge is a couple of years old now)

  • Mundell's is still there but I thought they only sold fresh fish. Who knew? Where exactly is this Fran's you speak of Scott?

  • Fran's is located in the same plaza as Akira Sushi, up at John Counter and Aberfoyle Road. I've had the fish and chips there once. But it wasn't particularly memorable, just satisfied the craving.

  • The Pilot House is a great place, and one of Kingston's real pubs! The atmosphere is wonderful, and it's a good place to go for a pint and chat. The patio is nice as well.

  • It's hard to find a seat here on most weekend nights! We've tried for several weekends in a row, only to have to default to Phenom Penh or the Brew Pub because they were near by.

    It's one of the few places in Kingston with a real "pub" atmosphere. Most places I find too ritzy to call a pub….

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