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The Cavelier Room is a popular yet inconspicuous dining establishment located in Kingston’s west end.  Connected to the Travelodge Hotel, it’s minimal signage and blended facade do little to attract traffic traveling along along this portion of Princess Street. Hungry passersby seeking brunch are more apt to end up at neighboring Smitty’s, The Jiffy Grill or the city’s newest breakfast sensation, Eggsquis. Although disguised by its surroundings, The Cavelier Room has all the telltale signs of a successful restaurant including modest lines during peak hours, and a long history in this location.

While dining establishments that are collocated with hotels do not always garner the greatest reviews, The Cavelier Room has worked hard to establish themselves as a destination in and of itself. In this respect, The Cavelier Room may be perceived in a similar fashion as Aqua Terra in that people are likely to overlook the fact that they are attached to a hotel.

The Cavelier Room has been a regular brunch destination for our family for well over a decade, and while they offer an extensive lunch and dinner menu, I can only speak to the quality of their generous breakfast fare. Accordingly this review will squarely focus on how well they do the most important meal of the day.

Inside, The Cavelier Room is technically divided into two distinct spaces, which a majority of diners likely lump under the same label.  The namesake space has rich finishings, a fireplace and larger tables to accommodate big groups. The other side of the house, dubbed Cafe LaSalle, resembles a typical family breakfast nook with simple decor and lots of sunlight pouring in though louvered window coverings. Both spaces are immaculately kempt, and they serve the exact same breakfast menu from 6am to 4pm.  Brunch specialties include Eggs Benedict Florentine ($8.99), Steak and Eggs ($16.99), the Lumberjack Breakfast ($15.99) and Back Bacon Sandwich ($8.59), while The Cavalier Room has your typical breakfast faves as well. From omelettes to Belgian waffles and buttermilk pancakes just to name a few, the menu has something for everyone.

The Cavalier Room, Travelodge HotelDuring our latest weekend brunch experience at The Cavelier Room, we ordered the short stack buttermilk pancakes with side of sausage ($6.80). The pair of pancakes were a perfect golden brown, and as light and fluffy as you could hope for. Pancakes are, or at least they should be, a rare breakfast treat, and The Cavelier Room’s offering will ensure you do not regret your caloric splurge. My only regret is that we took the before photo prior to applying butter and syrup, which melted in and made them look even more delicious.

The Cavalier Room, Travelodge HotelNext up is my go-to breakfast food: create your own omelette.   The Cavelier Room’s omelettes are a massive, 3-egg portion, while you can pack them full of ingredients such as ham, sausage, feta, tomatoes and spinach; these range from $1.49 to $0.99 each.  All omelettes are served with homefries, which are high up on my list of top five homefries in all of Kingston.  They are seasoned just right, and should never be spoiled with ketchup, vinegar or even salt and pepper. Two slices of toast will accompany your omelette, and depending on the toppings you select, the price will come in at or just north of the $10 mark. Even with coffee and tea added to the bill, two people can easily do brunch here for $25 plus tip, which is very reasonable.

The Cavelier Room may very well be the westend’s best kept secret when it comes to weekend brunch. Their competitively priced menu includes classic fare as well as fancier dishes, which enable the restaurant to serve as the perfect venue for a special family outing. The atmosphere is pleasant and the staff are well versed in the art of keeping coffee flowing and food moving out of the kitchen.  Parking is ample and it’s free, which is certainly an advantage The Cavelier Room has over downtown establishments. While I’m curious to try their lunch and dinner menu, I’ve not made it a priority and will likely stick to the tried, tested and true brunch offerings. Quit driving by this place and give it a try next time you’re looking to do weekend brunch.

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