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Brunch in KingstonYet again, it has been far too long since our last culinary adventure in the name of expanding Kingston’s collective palette.  This past Sunday, I woke up and found myself unable to decide where I should go for brunch.  Eventually, I turned to Twitter and received a few solid recommendations from our loyal followers.  Since restaurants live and die by word of mouth, it’s high time we reach out to you, the reader, and request recommendations for Kingston’s best brunch destination.  As you may recall, we’ve already featured the likes of:  The Jiffy Grill, Morrison’s, and Serves you Right, however there are dozens of deserving destinations we have yet to visit, or write about.  With this in mind, please submit your favorite weekend brunch establishment by commenting below. Be sure to provide us with as many relevant details as possible, including:

  • Restaurant name, and approximate location
  • Average menu prices, and favorite/recommended dishes
  • Atmosphere, customer service, and weekend popularity
  • A personal or humorous story that’s keeps you coming back

Although locally-owned and operated establishments are preferred over franchises, we’re willing to try almost anything; so long as it’s not topped with Hollandaise sauce!  Thanks to thomasbrandt for the photo accompanying today’s post.

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7 thoughts on “The Brunch-Fest Club

  • Let me kick things off. Megalos is located right beside the Grand Theatre downtown. I am an omelet pig, and they do up some great home fries, and unbelievable multigrain bread to go along with it. Average price for a meal is $15, which includes a tip, but that might be pricier than some other places downtown. Very modern atmosphere, and the customer service is great. In fact it’s almost too good, as the wait staff are often wandering around in a continuous loop asking if you want a top up of coffee or water. That said, I’d rather be harassed than ignored by the wait staff.

  • It’s a franchise, but there aren’t too many of them. Smitty’s. I have always been a big fan of their breakfast skillets and the flax pancakes. The food is always good, the service is fast and the price is right. They’re located on Princess st. up near Costo, in the same plaza as Chapter’s.

    I also love the Sleepless Goat. If you’re up for a variation on breakfast, something a little different, go there. They have the standards too but the breakfast I had there was amazing. Delicious multigrain bread with pesto, tomatoes and brie cheese. The cafe au lait was great too. They’re located on Princess St. downtown between Wellington and King. Prices are good and the whole concept of the place being locally owned by it’s workers is wonderful.

  • Star Diner is a must! It rivals Morrisons, and pretty comparable in price, speed and menu selection. Nothing fancy, and good eats for under $10 a person. It’s across from Harvey’s on Princess and Regent.

  • Another vote for Star Diner – good prices, quick and friendly service, and, if you feel like a treat, tasty milkshakes.

  • Another franchise, but I really like Cora’s. Not for a sunday brunch though, because its usually so busy and the service sketchy. But nice for say a random weekday. The menu selection is great, although pricey.

  • Pan Chancho, hands down. If you don’t feel like eggs you can have their smoked salmon plate, complete with homemade fennel cream cheese and fresh rye toast, or you can just eat one of their ham-fist-sized lemon currant buns. And then you can collapse into a food coma. My running pal and I tend to flake out on exercise right around Pan Chancho and reward ourselves for a job well done by eating up all the calories we’ve just burned off. The staff are very tolerant of our post-run gaminess. And it’s not as pricey as it looks, although you may have to wait in line. I recommend calling in sick and going on a weekday morning.

  • The Mansion. Formerly known as Philthy McNasty’s. Now before you stop reading after seeing those two words, just give this comment a chance. Ever since Philthy’s turned to the Mansion I had my doubts of how much the place could change. Picnic tables now fill the main floor which the call “The Rec Room” and the patio has been tidied up so sitting outside is as enjoyable as sitting downtown in that area of Kingston can be. Now that it’s under new (and old?) management it’s really come around. Full breakfast menu, including the regular eggs/bacon/sausage combos for about $4 and some pricier items including mushroom swiss eggs benedict and waffles startng around $10 a plate. Not bad for a downtown breakfast.

    But before you go I should remind you that it’s bar/pub first and they don’t serve alcohol until 11am.

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