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Peter's Place breakfast, Kingston OntarioLast month, we asked our readers to comment and suggest their favorite brunch destinations in the Limestone City.  This past Saturday, we found ourselves completely famished, disoriented and wandering around downtown in search of mid-morning nourishment.  Needless to say, I neglected to bring the list of suggested brunch outlets with me. We eventually ended up at Peter’s Place, a modest diner, which emanated a certain “je ne sais quoi”.  Located on lower Princess Street, about a block up from the intersection at Ontario, I’ve noticed that Peter’s seems to attract a solid breakfast crowd that lingers well past noon.  This would put it in the same league as Morrison’s, The Jiffy Grill, or to a lesser degree, Serves You Right.  That said, aside from all the similarities, Peter’s Place is different from our previous brunch destinations for all the right reasons.

One could easily pick any of the aforementioned breakfast spots and expect to enjoy tasty food on the cheap in modestly decorated surroundings.  However, Peter’s Place blows the competition out of the water thanks to their fast, and friendly service.  Upon entering the busy diner, we were greeted by a friendly server who, despite there being a nearly full house, gave us our pick of tables.  Once we’d snuggled in, our drink orders were placed, and coffee quickly appeared back at our table.  Peter’s offers a one page menu that has a decent selection of the standard breakfast fare.  As a result, we were able to decide on our orders in no time at all.  Without exaggeration, less than 2 minutes passed between the time we placed our order and the arrival of our meals.  Given the popularity of the Peter’s Place, and the emptiness of our stomachs, we were extremely pleased with the quick service.

The food itself was comparable to the rest of the greasy spoons we’ve featured in the past.  Toast, homefries and a half slice of orange accompanied our orders, which were generously oversized.  Our waitress did not pester us to refill our coffees every two minutes, however she was readily available to answer our calls for additional condiments, cream, and finally the bill.  Because of the awesome and fast service, we tipped double what we normally would have, while our bill for two meals was still under $20.  At this point it should come as no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed Peter’s Place, and I’ll be back again soon.  If you’re a fan of Morrison, but want to dine in a smaller, faster and friendlier establishment, I’d urge you to give Peter’s Place a try.

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8 thoughts on “Peter’s Place

  • Peter’s Place is FANTASTIC!! The dinner specials are amazing, the roast lamb & prime rib being my favorites. And it’s the best place to get take-out when you are stuck in line for the WI Ferry. I recommend the Greek Salad and Prime Rib on a bun, with a generous slice of home made dessert to take home. I have not yet had breakfast there, but since I can almost smell the bacon from your photo, it’s on my urgent to-do list!

      • Agreed, there is absolutely nothing burnt/wrong with this meal. Sometimes we struggle to approve and delete comments such as these. There's constructive criticism and then there are the slights that add very little to the conversation. A while back we were getting a plethora of comments from the same Email/IP address against a particular sushi resto. If you're going to spam us with comments, at least change your identity before resubmitting the same, snide remarks. You know who you are…

  • I wouldn't have my bacon or toast any other way. Who wants wobbly bacon?!

  • uhm. first off I'am new to the forum. secondly the bacon DOES look burnt do i need to point out the outlines around the bacon that are black? the toast can pass.. as toast.. just not to my likening. And thirdly after reading the reviews my wife and I will be going to try their breakfast. Mabey not all is as seems in a hi res-photo.

    • bacon can be ordered 'crispy, burnt, well done, or soft'. it is possible that it was ordered crispy in this case. not sure.

  • We just had breakfast down at Peter's Place based on this site. It was really good, reasonably priced. Good attentive service and we'll be going back again. The homefries were different from anywhere, coffee was good and lots of refills. BUSY place, it was packed. Good sign of a healthy business.

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