Mission Street North: We are on a Mission for Tacos

Mission Street North Today was a special day in that I got to eat at the Mission Street North burrito truck. Mission Street North is the newest addition to the few mobile dining options in Kingston and they are making a name for themselves. They serve up California-style Mexican food, namely burritos and tacos with a few sides. The menu is simple and straightforward, and it really seems like they have spent time perfecting the few items they do serve.

I tried the Cabo Tacos, one of their most popular dishes, and they were delicious. The tacos are made with grilled blackened tilapia and topped with pickled red onions, shredded cabbage slaw, chipotle aioli and fresh cilantro. The portions of fish are huge and cooked to order, which ensures a very fresh product but also necessitates a little bit of waiting. I probably waited about 8-10 minutes for mine, but if there’s a line it can take longer. In each taco order you get 2 tacos, and you can order them on either a corn or flour tortilla. I chose one of each so the other kind didn’t feel left out. Both types of tortilla are good, but corn is the way to go for an authentic taco experience.
Mission Street NorthIf you opt for one of their football-sized burritos, you can choose between Free-Range, Hormone and Antibiotic free pork or chicken, or veggies. Each burrito is stuffed with rice, black beans, cheese and your choice of homemade salsas and guac. The other taco they serve is the Hass-ta La Vista with fried avocado and all the fixins’. I haven’t tried one myself, but I have heard some pretty glowing review from others.

The guys running the truck are Kingston born and raised, but somehow have a knack for making fresh Mexican food with a kick. They make their own hot sauces, one milder version made with arbol chiles, and a fiery hot habanero which will surprise even the most seasoned spicy food eater. Their sauces have actually gained something of a following, and people often ask them to make take-home jars.
Mission Street NorthThey are located outside The Spot on Division street from Tuesday – Friday from around 11:30 am – 3:00 pm, give or take. You can also catch them at some local events like Derby Girl Bouts and festivals now and then. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook to be in the know. Oh, and they are open rain or shine – and provide umbrellas for waiting customers on rainy days. They think of everything!

The only problem is that there is no real seating in the vicinity, so be sure you have an air-conditioned building to eat in. Their hours are restricted, but they have mentioned that they may consider extending them when the students get back. After all, they have only been open a few months and are still getting their food-truck sealegs. As for me, I will most certainly be back, and will perhaps one day pry myself away from the Cabo Taco to try something else (no promises though).

10 thoughts on “Mission Street North: We are on a Mission for Tacos

  • I <3 Mission Street North! I've gone so many times this summer that now I just ask for "The Erin"!!! The guys are so sweet!!!

  • Also love the food from @missionstreetnorth The one thing that impresses me about the cabo (YUMALICIOUS) tacos is that it's an ENTIRE filet… it's not a small spoonful of flaked fish like some other places, I could hardly close my amazing corn tortillas.

  • Gourmet tacos? LOL… If you went to California with farm raised tilapia on the menu for a fish taco (???!!). What passes gourmet is evidently relative in Kingston….sorry but it's sort of like a "bistro" throwing a hamburger on the menu.

    • I think it absolutely IS relative – we don't live on the ocean. I would completely disagree that that takes anything away from the tacos being called gourmet. Have you tried them? Just the pictures make my mouth water.

    • Hey Islander,

      I just wanted to point out that farm-raised/tank-raised tilapia is often considered the most sustainable method for getting tilapia.

  • I'm pretty sure Roamin Komodo is the newest food truck around. You should give it a try too! In fact, you should do an article on all of them!

  • I think maybe the reason Mission North is so popular because the food is great but also they're run by such nice guys. That adds to the experieance I guess? Farmgirls menu looks delicious but very overpriced. Maybe she thinks she's in Toronto/Montreal?

  • I have not yet tried any food trucks in Kingston.

    My sister is visiting and we are both about to go to Mission Street or Farm Girl for lunch. The menu looks far superior at farm girl but it seems quite expensive for a food truck. I expect to spend around 10-12 dollars for a food truck lunch.

    The price sways me toward the Mission Street truk but I will let my sister weigh in on the decision once lunch time approaches.

    Here's hoping they live up to their reputation!

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