Megalos restaurant, downtown, Kingston, Ontario
When it comes to tasty joints that I would honestly recommend to both friend and foe, only a handful of local eateries come to mind.  Without question, somewhere high up on my top 10 list lies Megalos, a gorgeously decorated resto with a fishbowl view of all the action taking place downtown.  Megalos is relaxed enough to accommodate recovering students seeking late brunch on the weekends, but it’s also classy enough to play host to special occasions, when you want to enjoy the finer things.  Although it’s updated, trendy look gives you the impression that Megalos is a new kid on the block, the Anagnostopoulous family-owned restaurant has been in it’s present location since the 1960s.

As mentioned in the comments of one of my recent egg-centric affairs, Megalos has earned it’s title as my favourite brunch destination in the entire world.  From avocado and eggs to grilled chorizo, and some of the best multi-grain toast and home fries you will ever taste, Megalos will cure all of your hunger pangs.  Personally I am partial to their omelets, which can be dressed with uncommon ingredients such as black olives and feta cheese, as well as more traditional ones including bacon, mushrooms and cheddar.  The latter being my standard order.  Although you’re looking to pay about $15 per person for brunch, that little bit extra is well worth it thanks to the generous portions, hip vibe and extremely diligent service.

Regarding the service, I’ve come to know Megalos as a place where your cup of coffee or glass of water will never be left empty.  It seems as though the wait staff is casually running laps around the restaurant, constantly looking out for vessels that need refilling.  Although some might perceive this as overkill, I assure you the opposite scenario is entirely intolerable.  In addition, I believe one of our servers at Megalos coined my favorite confirmation phrase: “how are the first few bites?”  Delicious!

Now if you’ll allow me to get sentimental.  I first visited Megalos back in my high school days, prior to their grand renovation, which took place in 2005.  It was a favourite lunch destination for my mom, who loved their soup, salad and sandwich lunch offerings.  I grew to enjoy it not only for the food, but also because it sometimes represented an opportunity for mother-approved school absenses.  Graduating onto my daze at Queen’s, my eventual bride and I attended numerous work and academic-related soirées that were hosted in the private, expansive downstairs lounge area.  Sweet nothings were whispered while sipping endless glasses of gin and soda.  Megalos and I have been through a lot, and nowadays when I visit, all of these memories flood in.

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on one of Kingston’s worst kept secrets.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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6 thoughts on “Megalos

  • The avocado and eggs is hands down the best brunch dish I’ve had in years. It comes with a whole avocado! What’s not to love? When I lived in Toronto I used to go to Over Easy’s a lot, and they did a similar dish, an avocado and tomato benedict, and I often get homesick for it. Thank you, Megalos, for once again proving that anything the TDot can do, Ktown can do better.

  • The “Mega Club” is my fave, and I agree that their bread is top notch. I always try to save room for the cake, but rarely make it.

  • My wife and I are heading here tonight for a quick bite before the Symphony does Pictures at and Exhibition. Should be a great night all around!!

  • The concert was fantastic. They had a slideshow of astronomical related pictures/renderings playing while the symphony played Pictures at an Exhibition and it was a great modern spin on a classic piece of music.

  • Now that I’ve read your article I’m feeling a bit silly that Megalo’s hasn’t been on my “general circulation list” of local restaurants since the renovation. I’m definitely going to have to check it out again.

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