Megalos on Princess Street is a go-to restaurant. It’s my go-to when I’m looking for a place to eat before catching a performance at The Grand Theatre, or when I want to dine somewhere that I can dress up, but not break the bank on the bill. It’s a go-to for meals with visiting relatives and picky eaters, and is the perfect example of a restaurant where there’s something for everyone.

Megalos, Kingston, Ontario
Half a Starter Caesar, kindly split in half for us by the kitchen!

The restaurant is perpetually busy so it’s worthwhile to reserve a table ahead of time. That being said, on my most recent visit, the fleet of staff were remarkably attentive. Our server was in range to ask if everyone’s meals were to their liking, and there were a number of junior servers staking out any dwindling glasses of drinking water. The person serving us did not write down our orders which is a huge pet peeve of mine, all the more driven by my decision to order a rare steak. Would the server return to confirm some element of my high maintenance order, that could have just been written down the first time? Would the wires get crossed between my server and the kitchen, leaving me to decide whether I’m confrontational enough to send back a perfectly good (albeit overcooked) steak? Nope, they got it all right the first time. I’m not a big fan of the habit of not writing down orders, but I was relieved that this server’s memory was extra-sharp.

Of course, at every go-to, I have a go-to dish. At Megalos, it’s their Vegetarian Gnocchi, served in a creamy rosé sauce with generous drizzle of pesto. It comes with two giant wedges of focaccia, all the better for dipping into the mixture of pesto and rosé. This past visit, I made the nail-biting decision to try something other than my go-to, and I’m happy to say that this risk-taking was rewarded! I ordered the 8 oz New York Steak, served with exceptionally creamy mashed potatoes and spinach. Not a huge fan of leafy greens, our server listed off my alternatives with a smile. When the dish came, I knew I had made the right choice. The steak sat on a throne of mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, all piled atop a liberal base of red wine sauce. I was especially tickled when a waitress brought me a steak knife, presenting it as my “weapon of choice.” Megalos is not a place that I’d expect cheekiness, so this comment made it all the more fun for me to play with my food.

Megalos, Kingston, Ontario
My steak, and the red wine sauce that I’m still dreaming about.

My boyfriend opted for the Mega Club, his go-to order. It comes with fries and Caesar salad or coleslaw, but he always goes for the latter because their Caesar is our go-to starter. When it comes to clubs, I’ve never acquired a taste for the glorified BLT, of which I do not eat the ‘B’ or ‘T.’ My boyfriend being a devoted enthusiast of the club sandwich genre, however, he assured me that this was among the best. One thing I can confirm is that the fries were exceptionally steal-able. After I was done with my mash, I continued to nab his fries to mop up the addictive red wine sauce.

On our most recent visit, we brought a fish-loving friend. She rarely cooks it at home, so it’s always a big treat to order it when she goes out. She ate her Salmon slowly, savouring the texture: moist but with a crunchy top. Like the steak, the fish was piled atop of its starch and side: rice and ratatouille, a personal favourite. After this most recent visit to Megalos, I’ve begun to think more about the way I plate my food: how it might encourage certain family members to eat more vegetables, and how I can add more red wine sauce to my meals!

Megalos does more than just dinner: although I’ve yet to experience it, the restaurant is reputed to serve an awesome brunch. Till I get to enjoy it for myself, I’m already scheduling my future visits to coincide with their daily specials, including $10 pizzas on Wednesdays, and $4 cake slices on Tuesdays. Megalos serves decadent-looking cheesecakes with whimsical names like the “Funky Limon Tiger” and “The Moo Moo.” While we were way too full to order dessert most recently, I am determined to round up group of friends on a Tuesday night, bring them to Megalos, and say: “We’d like one of everything.”

Megalos, Kingston, Ontario
The refrigerator of temptation!

Erin Weinberg

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