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Liquid Nutrition is permanently closed. Looking for a place that’s still open? Check out our restaurant reviews and recommendations for establishments that are still open and serving great food in Kingston.

Liquid Nutrition, Goodlife Fitness, Kingston, OntarioAs we get deeper into the hotter weather and pant down the downtown streets, nothing is more appealing than a treat that will cool you down and wet your parched throat as heat waves continue to move in. But what about a treat that will cool you down and is good for you? I mean – really good for you.

Liquid Nutrition is where it’s at.

When Kingston welcomed Liquid Nutrition this past May, I was a little skeptical – more and more franchises offering healthier alternatives to fast food are opening up and smoothie bars are the new hype sweeping the nation. In theory, smoothie and juice bars are great. A drink that not only fuels your body with powerful nutrients from whole foods, but also gives you the vitamins and minerals and enzymes you need and often meet your daily requirements for fruits and vegetables. A powerful drink nonetheless. However, there are chains and restaurants that offer smoothies and ordering the seemingly healthy concoction can be an extremely unhealthy endeavor if not researched.

For example, McDonald’s Fruit Smoothies – though made with real fruit puree and concentrated fruit juices – have extremely high amounts of sugar. The medium smoothie carries 54 grams of sugars and 260 calories. Tim Hortons also carries a version of a fruit smoothie, with the “real” fruit coming from purees and juices and after dieticians examined the drinks, the fruit beverages contain no fibre or protein. That is a far cry from being “healthy” – if anything these drinks are a lower calorie desert option in their menu.

Liquid Nutrition on the other hand gives out city quite the nutritional boost. You get real food and real nutrition blended into deliciousness with added in health supplements and vitamins with a promise that ice cream nor sorbet will be used as a base. The one-stop beverage provider tucked in on Wellington St. (only a stone’s throw away from Goodlife Fitness on Barrack St.) offers nutritional smoothies and juices that have no added sugar and no additives. And – if the heat has really got you down, you can get a shot! Slurp down the popular wheatgrass shot made entirely from blended up of detoxifying wheatgrass, or sip casually on the ginger shot. The shots can be ordered alone or added to your smoothie for some added health benefits.

After stepping into Liquid Nutrition a few times, I’m blown away by the educated employees that jump to serve. The staff are very knowledgeable about the products and smoothies available and take the time to educate the consumer on what they are putting in their body and the benefits of the ingredients. It’s not a bad spot to be on a hot summer day. They have a few tables for you to relax with healthy snacks available to munch on.

Liquid Nutrition is currently waiting for their patio to be finished so patrons can slurp smoothies and chill out in the sunshine comfortably and simultaneously.

My favourite smoothie so far is the Ying Yang – it’s a perfect treat for after that morning gym session with its mix of caffeine so I’m ready to take on the long day at work.

Let us know what you think of Kingston’s new beverage bar.

Thanks to Miriam for today’s photo.

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