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The Hub, Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario

We published this Guide to Late Night Bites back in 2011. Looking for a more up to date guide? Check out the 2015 version of our Guide to Late Night Bites, complete with new listings and our top recommendations.

What do most of us like to do after an evening of imbibing and enjoying great live music or a DJ at a local watering hole?  If you’re like me, you want to eat!  I always found finding good late night food in Kingston to be  a challenge unless you’re interested in fast food or chains like The Pita Pit or Denny’s.  Through some research I’ve learned that there are a lot more local options available after dark than I originally thought.  Here is a list of those places for your convenience.

  • Ale House & Canteen (393 Princess St.): I was excited to hear that this place serves food until 2:30am every single night.  I’ve never been but I imagine it’s a pretty popular joint with the students once the bars let out.  Maybe I’ll try it in the summer.
  • Brandees (178 Ontario St.): You can enjoy their full menu until 10pm, from then on there is a “munchy menu” you can order from right until close at 2am.
  • Bubba’s (349 King St. and 401 Princess St.): This Kingston staple is beloved by students and locals alike.  Get poutine, pizza, burgers and more until 2:30am Mon-Sat. and until 9pm on Sundays.
  • El Asador (375 Princess St.): This unassuming little shop in the hub serves up curry wraps and burritos until 12am Sun-Tues and 3am Thurs-Sat.  They take a break on Wednesdays.
  • Famous King (505 Princess St.): Serving up Lebanese dishes like shawarma and donair, this restaurant seems to change their hours based on busy it is.  Sadly I couldn’t find any more solid info for you.
  • Fanatics (371 Princess St.): This kitchen’s hours are centered around whichever sporting event is being broadcast.  They always serve until midnight but if the game goes longer, so does the kitchen.
  • J.A.K.K. Tuesdays (642 Progress Ave.): You can enjoy a pretty straight up menu of pub fare until 11pm Mon-Thurs, 12am on Fridays and 11pm on Saturdays.  They close at 6:30 on Sundays.
  • Mr. Donair (163 Division St.): Once known as Shawarma Shawarma, this establishment in the hub serves donair and falafel amongst other Lebanese dishes until 2am Mon-Tues, 3am Wed-Sat and 9pm Sun.  Mon-Sat they offer delivery until 1am.
  • Raxx (665 Development Dr.): This popular township bar serves food every night until 11pm.
  • Tango (331 King St.): You can groove and graze at this tapas restaurant until midnight every night.
  • The Brass (403 Princess St.): Aw, The Brass, the first bar I ever visited as a wee Frosh.  At 10pm they begin running a late night menu that goes right until close at 2am.
  • The Iron Duke (207 Wellington St.): These guys tout their local fare with a late night menu until midnight during the week and 12:30am Thurs-Sat.
  • The Kingston Brewing Company (34 Clarence St.): You can get a plate of nachos with your White Tail until 10pm Sun-Wed and midnight Thurs-Sat.
  • The Loyal Oarsman (724 Bath Rd.): This township restaurant serves up all your favourite pub fare until 12am Mon-Sat and 10pm on Sundays.
  • The Mansion (506 Princess St.): This live music hot spot serves their full menu every night until 2am.
  • The Merchant (6 Princess St.): You can always find a bite here until 12am but if it’s busy, the kitchen will keep serving up pub fare until close.
  • The Pita Grill (371 Princess St.): This restaurant in the hub serves pitas and poutine until 4am Thurs-Sat.
  • The Tir nan og (200 Ontario St.): Kitchen hours from Sun-Tues end at 11pm but you can eat until 1am Thurs-Sat.  Like a lot of pubs in the area, if it’s busy enough, they’ll serve food later than that too.
  • The Toucan (76 Princess St.): Hard and fast rule, if you want food at The Toucan, get there by 10:30pm.  The kitchen closes at 11pm but we’ve had a few experiences with things wrapping up early leaving us hungry at 10:45pm.
  • Tommy’s (377 Princess St.): The hub’s newest late night addition, these guys will feed you until 11pm Mon-Wed, 10pm on Sunday and are open 24 hours on Fri and Sat!  Woo hoo!
  • Zappas (178 Ontario St.): Zappas varies their hours based on how busy they are but they’ve been known to keep the kitchen open right until closing time on the weekends.

Thanks to Gerry Balding for today’s photo.

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10 thoughts on “Guide to Late Night Bites

  • Smokes Poutinerie is open until 4 on Fri and Sat. Nothing prevents a hangover like a bellyfull of grease and potatoes.

    • Smoke's is also a chain, which is what I wanted to avoid in this post. But I suppose if you want gross poutine (my opinion entirely, which I know Harvey will oppose), then I suppose Smoke's is an option….if you like grossness. :)

      • Hmmmm? I seem to be having the same problem with Harvey and my opinions.

        • I am certain that I am not the only person in Kingston whose opinions don't entirely align with yours. Happy to have you (and many others) share your thoughts and add to the diverse exchange here.

          • :=)

      • I've enjoyed Smokes the few times I've had it, but Bubba's is equally good. When we're hosting old friends (former Kingstonians), it's a given that they'll opt for Bubbas's because it's what they know.

  • Personally, I just get curry sauce over fries.

    It would interest you to know then, that the Tir Nan 'Og is about as non-local a chain as you can get. Prime Pubs (the operating partnership behind it, also East Side Mario's, Casey's and Bier Markt) prides itself on not being local.

    "A Prime Pub, is a premium pub that is differentiated from the “Local Bar” by its premium offering. From its food — definitely not Pub grub — and beverage menu, to knowledgeable staff and authentic décor, a premium Prime Pub possesses appeal across broad demographic groups and divergent ethnic backgrounds.

    A Prime Pub offers an upscale causal dining experience in a sophisticated Pub environment, making a Prime Pub an exciting choice beyond the typical Pub offering. Our principal Guest is 25-54, college educated with an above-average income, while our secondary Guest, Adults LDA (legal drinking age) to 34 also feel right at home.

    A Prime Pub is ideally suited to meet the demands of today’s consumers who are continuously in search of more premium products and experiences, and define themselves by their “taste level” and knowledge of the latest trends."

    Want to open up a Tir Nan 'Og of your very own? For $1,000,000 Prime Pubs will roll on in, Irish up the place, and b'gosh and begorrah, you're a local tavernkeep! .

    It has never been anything but a chain restaurant.

    • My bad! I totally knew that too but it didn't even occur to me as I was writing this.

      So, curry sauce huh? Maybe I'll give Smoke's another try…

      • As someone who defines myself by my "taste level" and knowledge of the latest trends, yes, it's pretty tasty.

    • Whoa!!!! thought i felt a bit out of place the last time I was there.. the demographic, though broad, in my case is not quite broad enough. Ten years over the age parameters, didn't quite get that college thing done, income well below average (unless we are talking combined incomes) and I prefer cheap beer: and (Harvey will know this) I only define myself by my "taste level" when eating Italian food.

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