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This is one of those posts that I find somewhat torturous to write because I get distracted by all the deliciousness I discover in my research.  Today’s guide is all about bakeries. We asked our readers and did some searching of our own and came up with a list of great places to get fresh, local breads, cakes, pies, cookies and more.  Although the list is short, there is plenty of baked goodness to choose from in Kingston.  Let the mouth watering begin!

  • Bread and Butter Bakery and Fine Pastries (1530 Bath Rd.): BBB has a wide selection of baked goods and also offers soups, salads and take out dinners.
  • Cakes by Kardi (Private Home): Specializing in designer cakes and French macarons, this cake studio can be accessed by appointment only.
  • Cakes by Krista (304 Bagot St.): With a focus on weddings, this designer cake maker works within Card’s Bakery.
  • Cake Creations by Judy (Private Home): Judy makes custom designer cakes and cookies for all occasions.
  • Card’s Bakery (304 Bagot Street): I have a friend who is a Card and, although his relation to this bakery and lunchtime sandwich joint is distant, he loves to lay claim to it. I’ve never been, but based on what I’ve heard, I’m way overdue.
  • Celebrate With A Cake (550 Days Rd.): Designer cakes for all occasions.
  • Fardella’s Classic Bakery (2792 Princess St.): Once known as Classic Bakery, this west end shop recently got a new owner hence the addition of Fardella’s.  They sell a variety of items from pies and cakes to eclairs and cannoli as well as bread.
  • Fred’s Bread (830 Norwest Rd.): Traditional bread bakery specializing in breads with no added sugar, fat, eggs or dairy products.  In addition to their own location, Fred’s sells at various stores around town too.
  • Home Bakery of Kingston Ltd. (774 Montreal St.): Makers of European style bread.  When we Tweeted about this place, our readers were quick to tell us it’s closed on Mondays, that you have to get there early and that it’s fantastic.
  • Pan Chancho (44 Princess St.):  Fully licensed cafe, incredible assortment of breads, pastries, cakes, pies, cookies, cheeses, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, dips, spreads…the list goes on and on.
  • Sue’s Gluten Free Products (1724 Bath Rd.): A gluten free bakery dedicated to creating delicious food for celiacs.  The bakery is only open for retail 10 hours a week because Sue is busy filling orders for stores all over Ontario and Quebec.
  • Sydenham Sweet Bakery (730 Front Rd.): Located in the Reddendale Plaza, there isn’t a whole lot of info available online.  I guess I’ll just have to go there!
  • The Bread Man (296 Bath Rd.): Owned by four brothers, this 17-year-old business offers rolls, buns and loaves for retail and wholesale.
  • The Silly Yak (761 Bayridge Dr.): Also dedicated to gluten free food, this bakery houses a bistro and, in addition to their variety of cakes, cookies and bread, they also make candy and create custom gift baskets.
  • Village Co-op (692 King St. W.): This co-op, located in Portsmouth Village, began in August 2010 along with a pilot project Bread CSA.  Their breads are made with heritage grains from local farms.
  • Wolfe Island Bakery (311 Queen St.): In addition to having a sit down cafe, they also do custom cakes and catering.  They have another location on Wolfe Island, just off the ferry and you can find them Tues., Thurs. and Sat. at Market Square.

Thanks to roboppy for today’s tempting photo.

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11 thoughts on “Guide to Bakeries

  • Card's Bakery gets my vote for the sweets! Pan Chancho is a must for Portuguese sweet bread and other hearty fair… this is a decent list, will certainly check out other places I never heard of

  • The secret to Card's bakery is to get there as early as possible for the cheese scones, because they go fast.

  • Also the Bread and Butter bakery, while out of the way (finally admits something exists outside of the downtown core,) has a day-olds bin. You can get cheap homemade bread and stick it in the freezer until you need it. That tarts are also good.

    Fred's Bread is good, Home Bakery makes some very nice things but the breads/rolls tend to go mouldy quickly. Wolfe Island bakery, get the Red River cereal bread or just don't go. Pan Chancho is nice and the bread is good but it costs an arm and a leg.

    I'm interested in the bread CSA thing but I could never make the narrow pickup windows.

    • re: "" in our defence, the concentration of locally-owned/non-franchise stores tend to be far greater in the downtown core than what you see elsewhere in the City (Kings Crossing, RioCan, Frontenac Mall, Cat Centre, etc…). Bread and Butter bakery is certainly a treasure in the township, and we are always open to showcasing more of what's out there.

        • Yay for West End Businesses! We're growing in numbers out this way for locally owned and produced food! Us (Bread & Butter) Pasta Shelf, Bella Bistro, Pig & Olive, Bigg's Dine & Dash, Sigrid's Natural Foods – just to name a few!

  • We got some date squares from Sydenham Sweet Bakery a few weekends ago while out on a bike ride. They were smushed by the time we got home but still delicious! It's a nice little bakery in that part of town.

  • You forgot Bake Happy! Her website is in a transitional phase, but her concoctions are AMAZING!

    • Thanks for the heads up. I checked her out on Facebook – her stuff looks great! Please post the new website here when it's done.

  • Fardellas-Classic-Bakery — it appears their hour of operation are apparently a guideline not actual hours of operation…went on a Sunday at 9am store was closed and dark…called to check hours…no answer…msg machine doesn't even state operating hours and since their Facebook page is obviously wrong in the hours listed I have placed Fardella's in the non-professional thus not worth my time/money.

  • we need a bakery that know how to make Portuguese
    custard tarts like they do in the Toronto area :)

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