Food Truck Travels: Fryway 33 in Bath

By Bill Gowsell

An order of one-piece fish and chips from Fryway 33.
Photo by Bill Gowsell.

For many years, one of the only vegetables I survived on was potatoes. Whether it was mashed, baked, chip, twice baked, or in fry form, I devoured my vegetable in any meal setting. Now that I am older, my eating habits have gotten much better, but I am sucker for any food truck. I could be in the middle of a Walmart parking lot, or along the shores of Lake Ontario, it doesn’t matter about the location, if French fries are involved, I am there.

My recent journey to Bath with my son James was designed as an afternoon of fun for the both of us, starting with lunch at the Fryway 33 food truck. At Finkle’s Shore Park in Bath, we parked in the sunniest spot possible and walked over to the unassuming red hut at the end of the lot. I had heard many stories about this food truck from listening to the radio (specifically 98.9 the Drive), and from friends regaling me with stories of how good the food was, so I just had to try.

James loves food trucks. One just happens to call our neighborhood home, and each night while playing in the living room, he spots the owners of the food truck driving home, and he always points it out to us. James and I are a lot alike, and our love of French fries is equal between the two of us.

So, as we stood ready to order, I made a deal with James about ‘our’ food. We would share the large poutine, and I was going to order the one-piece fish and chips for myself. He agreed, and the customer behind us silently laughed at our negotiation.

Menu at Fryway 33, which is located at Finkle’s Shore Park in Bath, Ontario.
Photo by Bill Gowsell.

There was an assortment of meals to be had: hot dogs, sausages, burgers, poutine, and one or two pieces of fish. I opted for the fish because I have always loved fish and chips and it had been a long time since I had enjoyed a great fish and chips meal. When our order came up, I was amazed at the quantity of food.

The large poutine would be a meal onto itself, and when I looked at my fish and chips, the deep colour of brown on the breading to the fish told me this was going to be a well cooked and delicious meal. The generous helping of tartar sauce that came with my fish was a nice touch, too.

We set out for a picnic table, and there are plenty to find in Finkle’s Shore Park. At first, we opted for one near the lake, but it was too windy for James, so we relocated to the gazebo and finally dug into our meal.

Sometimes fish can be undercooked, and the breading turns very soggy and that ruins the taste of the meal and dampens the quality of fish that you are eating. This was not the experience I had with Fryway 33’s fish. It was perfectly cooked so that when I took my first bite, I could taste the juiciness of the fish with the hard texture of the breading. It was delicious.

It was so tasty that I gobbled the fish up within a few minutes. Then I moved on to the chips aspect of my fish and chips meal. Again, perfectly cooked French fries that didn’t last long. Topped off with the coleslaw that came with my meal, I had a complete lunch with a magnificent view of Lake Ontario. But I wasn’t done, because James was still needing help with the poutine.

A large poutine from Fryway 33.
Photo by Bill Gowsell.

It was a classic poutine, but sometimes a heavy thick gravy can clump up and make a poutine less than enjoyable. The gravy on this poutine was thin and seeped its way through the whole bucket ensuring that all fries were covered with the delectable tasty liquid. Not only was there gravy throughout the poutine but layers of cheese too. They did not skimp of the accompaniments needed to make a great poutine.

When James and I finished we walked around the rocky beach, skipping stones into the water, enjoying the wonderful effects of our meal, and the pure bliss of being outside with nothing to do but what we wanted to do.

Take a journey out to Bath and stop at the food truck at Finkle’s Shore Park. Fryway 33 serves up delicious meals in classic food truck varieties. You won’t be disappointed.

The view at Finkle’s Shore Park in Bath, Ontario. The park serves as the dining room for Fryway 33.
Photo by Bill Gowsell.

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