Kingston’s New Craft-Beer Scene

Downtown Kingston is the destination for foodies in pursuit of menus bursting with locally-sourced ingredients, seasonal variations and gourmet deliciousness.  While trends within the restaurant industry come and go, new dining experiences offered by the likes of The Red House, Harper’s and The Iron Duke have earned reputations as being somewhat different thanks in part to what they’re serving from behind the bar: craft beer.  Kingston is increasingly embracing the independent and craft brew trend with other new establishments such as The Alibi and The Brooklyn, brother and sister watering holes who are taking our taste buds to whole new levels with beers we never knew existed.

Recently, I came across this mini-documentary prominently featuring these two establishments, and their co-owner, John Saras.  Saras offers his take on the growing popularity of the craft-brew phenomenon in Kingston, and the surrounding region, as well as insight behind each of these unique establishments.  This short leaves me with hope regarding the direction that Kingston’s bar scene is heading in.  With new local producers such as Stone City Ale set to enter the market in the coming, warmer months, here’s hoping there will be even more local, fermented treats coming our way soon.



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