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From the moment I arrived in Kingston, everyone I knew was raving about The Copper Penny. The locals loved it, the nurses loved it, J’s coworkers loved it. J’s coworker who… is also named J… recommended the Penny on the Farm. We looked at it on the menu and it was massive. “The largest platter of food you’ll ever see! An 8oz New York steak cooked to your specification, served on garlic toast alongside a grilled chicken breast, 1/4 lb of ribs, chicken finger [sic], mushrooms, steamed vegetables, and your choice of potato.” It really sounded like too much food and a little plain: essentially steak, ribs, chicken, and chicken fingers.

We opted to try something else. We should’ve gone with co-worker J’s recommendation.
Copper Penny, Kingston, Ontario
This is the Ribs and Wings (Barbequed and fall-off-the-bone ribs basted with your choice of sauce. Served alongside four of our jumbo chicken wings) for $14.49. What interested me was the “fall-off-the-bone” ribs. I assume that all ribs are meant to fall off the bone so when they deliberately describe it like this, I was imagining something really REALLY tender. And chicken wings are rarely described as jumbo. They certainly had to be gigantic! Sadly, the ribs were not particularly fall-off-the-bone. Even Swiss Chalet and Montana’s have ribs that are more tender. The sauce was nothing special either. The wings were hardly jumbo as you can see. The fries were phenomenal though. I’ve heard that they use soup mix to season the fries. Really really delicious, salty, slightly sweet and perfectly fried. I would get a plate of just fries next time!
Copper Penny, Kingston, Ontario
This is the Chicken Dijon Penne (grilled strips of chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms and onions with sun-dried tomatoes tossed in a Dijon cream sauce with Penne. Baked in the oven with cheddar cheese and finished with a sprinkle of parmy) for $13.99. It sounds great, especially with the baked cheese. But the chicken was very very foamy and textureless. It was also pretty salty. The pasta was overcooked and mushy. And I hardly tasted Dijon. Not delicious.

Unfortunately, The Copper Penny was built up too much and it was a bit disappointing (except for the fantastic fries, please get a plate of these! They were so good!). Maybe I ordered the wrong food? Next time, I’ll get the Penny on the Farm.

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  • Never cared for the place myself.

    Copper Penny in the same price bracket as restaurants like Greco's, Amadeus, Fanatics and even Olivea (for some things) – yet their food is nowhere near the same in quality. People rave and rave about it, but then again, some people rave about Boston Pizza, or Eastside Mario's I guess. It's a decent, run of the mill, restaurant that serves a typical menu full of frozen pre-made foods. When you are as spoiled for choice as we are in a place like downtown Kingston, I just can't find any reason to go to the Copper Penny, it doesn't stand out.

    The fries are incredible though, but they alone aren't enough.

    • Your comment about East Side Mario's is hilarious. People also really love The Olive Garden. And… I know I am going to get flamed for this: Cora's. I've never liked it. Spoke with a bunch of people about why they love it and their explanation: a great price for so much fruit! My response: I can buy fruit…

      • Fully agree with you, Cora's is overrated. Far too pricey and not that good. Still, glad it's in Kingston as a lot of people do like it, and having it here could take them away from my favourite breakfast haunts.

  • I've been here a year and a month, and my favourites so far:

    – that wrap place on Princess that looks like it is closed even if it isn't, and serves Indian and Mexican wraps decently priced. And the owner is a nice fellow.
    – Bread & Butter bakery; it was close to the Mazda dealership and the service guy pointed me to it. I wasn't expecting much, which helps, and the food seemed of good variety and freshness.
    – getting buns at the Portuguese bakery across Montreal (?)
    – there's an Indian place on Princess that I got takeout for my blushing bride's birthday, was good and flavourful, but can't recall the name (think it was the owner's name?).
    – pizza; tried them all, and didn't really prefer the chichi downtown woodoven recommendation that had been made here (I think). And to be fair, I haven't really felt over the top this is great on any of them, chains, not-chains, etc.
    – coffee, I've had CoffeeCo which was good, Starbucks once in while, but mainly stick to McDonalds. If someone can recommend a good coffee place, chime in.
    I know as soon as I end this note that I'll think of more…

    • Is the wrap place called El Asador? I really need to go there sometime, I have heard nothing but good things, and it's not very expensive, so pretty harmless to try.

      Is the Indian place called Rahim's Cuisine? I haven't eaten there, but I do know Darbar to be excellent, albeit more expensive than other Indian restaurants. Taj is apparently good also.

  • I think of the Copper Penny as a place for mediocre comfort food with decent service…best consumed on a cold dark evening in February. Maybe try again in the winter when carbs are calling your name.

  • Copper Penny is alright, I enjoy a lot of their wraps…..I can imagine any of their hot food starts out as something frozen, bleh. They season there fries with chicken soup mix…..I keep meaning to buy some at bulk barn and try it at home….then I may never have to go back there!

  • yes its chicken soup base. mix a tbl spoon with a nice plate size of frys and salt. you have copper penny frys. stay away from rahims cuisine, unsanitary uggh. darbar and paulina's curry is best.

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