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Best Thai Restaurant in Kingston, OntarioKingston’s culinary scene is often celebrated in part thanks to the diverse array of restaurants serving dishes that celebrate and originate from a specific region of the world.  We’ve explored this very topic in the past, asking our readers: which new type of ethnic cuisine they would like to see added to the local lineup.  While many nationalities are not yet represented and others exist due to the shear will and determination of a single restaurateur, there’s also an overabundance of certain types of ethnically-inspired eateries.  For instance, with nearly a dozen sushi spots operating in downtown Kingston, and others dotting strip malls in any given direction on the periphery, this city is undeniably saturated with sushi.

A close runner up in terms of pervasiveness and popularity are the restaurants specializing in Thai and Cambodian cuisine.  Kingstonians’ appetite for fine Cambodian and Thai is aptly satisfied by a dozen downtown dining destinations, six of which were founded by the same chef, Sophat Vann (aka Pat).  With so many great options serving up perfect pad thai, colourful chicken curry and sumptuous spring rolls, this week’s poll asks:

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When attempting to identify the best Thai restaurant in Kingston, one must take into account an array of factors ranging from location to ambiance, as well as from service to the menu.  Places such as Wok-In and Cambodian Village are unique thanks to their unassuming ‘hole in the wall’ settings, while Thai House Cuisine and Mango attempt to provide a bit more of a polished dining experience.  All of the local Cambodian and Thai haunts entice us with their own variations of popular dishes such as pad thai, but crowning a winner based upon this dish alone simply isn’t fair (mostly because I’m not a huge fan of pad thai).  Of course, many of us prefer to order take-out, which adds an entirely different element to the already difficult challenge of identifying the best Thai restaurant in Kingston.

Aside from who received your support, let us know why you voted the way you did.  If your favorite spot wasn’t included on the list, please do give them a shout out in the comments below.

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