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best tapas in KingstonWhen searching for the best tapas in Kingston, it’s easy to find establishments serving small, shareable plates that can be paired with a glass of wine, or even a local craft beer. That said, the number of local joints serving up tapas that is true to the traditional definition is a short list indeed. Save for Tango Nuevo, a bustling hangout that is actively marketed as a tapas and wine bar, you’d be stretching to include other spots that are moreso restaurants, gastro pubs and whatever other buzz words we use to describe an establishment that has a kitchen, but I digress.

Many local restaurants, whether they’re serving actual tapas or something that could easily qualify, will undoubtedly satisfy your craving. The tapas experience typically involves slow playing a meal, where everyone orders something different to enjoy, and shares their order with the group.  This communal approach helps diners expand their taste horizons, sampling new dishes and otherwise revisiting ones they might not consider as a go-to order when eating out.  This style enables hopscotching amongst a wide array of menu items establishments have to order, sampling just enough to satisfy the craving while at the same time slowly filling you up.

Traditional tapas is predominantly Spanish inspired, which again, is hard to come by in Kingston.  However, there’s nothing stopping you from pulling up a seat at many local establishments and working your way through their best, shareable appetizers and starters.  From fine cheese to perfectly paired charcuterie, and from fresh oysters to polenta fries, you can have it all, without paying for an entrée!  With your favourite restaurant and menu in mind:

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While Spanish tapas options are limited in Kingston, why should we this style of eating be limited to one country’s cuisine?  The tapas experience can just as easily be applied to Italian, Thai, Indian and other regionally-inspired restaurants.  Did we miss your favourite tapas place, or do you have a go-to spot/dish that lends itself well to tapas?  Drop off your tasty recommendations below.

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  • I would argue that Tango Nuevo isn’t just the best Tapas in town but currently Kingston’s best restaurant. Last two times I’ve eaten there have been two of the most well executed, perfectly seasoned, satisfying meals I’ve had in Kingston.

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