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Best Sushi in Kingston, OntarioIt seems like every time I turn around, there’s a new sushi restaurant popping up in Kingston.  We have visited quite a few and reviewed most, but it’s difficult to keep up with them all let alone know where to find the best Sushi in Kingston.  This makes it challenging to figure out which ones are great and which ones we might want to avoid.  This is where you come in, dear reader.  We need your help in locating the best sushi in Kingston.

Throughout my time at Queen’s, when I first started eating sushi, my go-to was Discover Japan, located at the corner of Princess and University.  I was truly saddened when my favourite sushi place closed a few years ago.  Since then, I have tried many other options and have decided that for both eat in and take out, Sima seems to satisfy my craving.  I have also enjoyed take out from Sushi Ya and, despite mixed reviews, had a great experience at the all you can eat restaurant in the west, Sakura.  Today, we want to know which sushi restaurant is number one in your books, and otherwise what you consider to be the best sushi in Kingston.  Whether you like to eat in or take out, we’re asking:

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When it comes to something as delicate and skilled as making sushi, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding who does it the best.  There are also our own varied levels of experience that can affect our opinions.  Whether you’re an aficionado, an occasional sushi eater or a total newbie, we’d like to know which sushi restaurant is your hands down, no-brainer go to.  Including every single sushi restaurant in Kingston feels a bit overwhelming so there are some places missing.  Don’t see your favourite place on the list?  Drop off a comment below and tell us why your favourite should be considered the best sushi in Kingston!

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12 thoughts on “Best Sushi in Kingston

    • I heard that Jina had closed (now Eunice is in that location). Looks like it's actually relocated to where Sushi Q was?

    • I agree it’s my favorite that I have tried it was close to my work in Portsmouth village but moved over near queens the new place I stopped in minimal menu and my favorite roll Spider roll was not on the limited pricey menu

  • Sima is definitely the best and should take the place of Arisu above, which appears to be closed for good now.

    • oops! Yes, Sima should most definitely be on the list and I was wondering about Arisu too. I noticed it was dark at a time when I thought it should be open. The poll has been amended, thanks!

  • As an Asian who grew up on this stuff (albeit in Toronto), nothing beats Sima for lunch or dinner. I too have had some great lunches at Sakura but not always because of the sushi. The rest are pretty generic.

  • There are no real sushi restaurants in Kingston. I'll eat at Sima occasionally and it's not terrible (unlike most of the others) but it's still nothing like real sushi.

  • Choi's Rolls is by far the best sushi takeout in Kingston. However, it's only takeout, which is fine because the prices are amazing and the food is ready quick. They formally owned and ran Izumo. Kevin is the nicest and makes a huge effort to remember people and what they like.

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